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Jun 6, 2009 10:23 AM

Best spice shop or stall in London?

Hello! I'm looking for a good spice shop or stall at a market that offers some great spices at reasonable prices. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't live in London, but I was impressed by the Spice Shop in Portobello Road on my last visit.

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      Last time I was in the Spice Shop the assistant was so miserable and unhelpful that I vowed never to go back. Brick Lane is good although I tend to shop in Southall as it's nearer.

    2. i buy most of mine loose at Brixton Wholefoods in South London. They sell them by the ounce and are very good value. They don't have lots of different kinds of chilli though.

      The Spice Shop is also good but as befits its location, very expensive.

      1. I;ve gotten some things occasionally from a website called Spice World. I had trouble finding black cardamon pods in my neighbourhood, but they had them there.

        1. There is a huge Bengali supermarket on Brick Lane with an impressive array of spices and Asian foods.

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            Agree with Paula - Taj Stores is Brick Lane is great and very reasonable. Definitely worth a trip.

          2. I was just at the Greenwich covered market last weekend and was very impressed with the spice stall there. Can't give you a location, as they change every week. But just go to the covered market and walk around. You're sure to find it, plus all kinds of other food stalls to tickle your fancy.

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              Or try Probably more expensive than buying stuff loose but they have a huge selection, lots of good mixes, covers all corners of the globe, recipe suggestions...I am vaguely addicted to their ras el hanout!

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                I sometimes use Spice World. Their things come in very attractive little, round containers that stack up well. I'm a mess if things come in bags. :-)


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                  There is an excellent spice stall at the market on Duke of York Square (near Sloane Square) on Saturdays. There is also an Indian shop on Golborne Road, ten minutes walk from The Spice Shop with vastly lower prices and pleasanter staff. The range isn't quite as wide but it's reasonably good.