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Jun 6, 2009 10:18 AM

Fat Toad Farm, Vermont

Just a quick post - we did a short cheese run up and down I-89 a few weeks ago - hitting many of the usual suspects, eating cider donuts, etc.

But the Fat Toad folks deserve a specific mention. Fat Toad is a small goat milk farm in central VT, Brookfield to be exact (about 20 minutes off exit 5). We dropped in on them after a few emails. The farm is in beautiful country and the owners are very nice to city folk.

They have fresh chevre, in several infused flavors, and fresh maple chevre, which are very much like nice fresh cream cheeses with a light goat tang. But it's their caramel that's the reason I'm posting.

The caramel is spectacular. At room temp it pours very much like a thick syrup - at refrigerator temps it's thicker but still somewhat pourable. Almost no goat flavor in the vanilla bean version - we have several jars and haven't dug into the other flavors (coffee, cinnamon, original) just yet. Strongly recommended and available in some of the farm stores along 89 in VT, especially the Upper Valley Co-Op in White River Junction or by calling the farm directly.

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  1. IIRC, she does a stand at the Montpelier Farmer's Market. I'll have to check next I'm there. :)

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      Yup, there's a stand at the farmers' market, and the caramel is also available at Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier. Mmmmm.

    2. Glad you enjoyed our caramel. It is also sold in select Boston and NYC stores, including Formaggio. Look for a full list on our website Can you think of a great specialty food store that should be carrying our goat's milk caramel (cajeta)? Let us know!

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        The Cheese Iron in Scarborough, Maine: best cheese store, bar none, north of Boston, and carries an extensive selection of artisan Vermont cheeses, cow, goat, and sheep.

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          Agreed on the Cheese Iron...we call it "Cheese Porn" around our house!