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Jun 6, 2009 09:53 AM

Zawahdeh Lebanese restaurant

I don't think I'll do this weekly, (unless our experience warrants it) but I posted earlier this week about our Friday Night Dining Group's experience at Fino Restaurant and I have to post about last night's dinner at Zawahdeh. It's located in the Best Western Hotel at the north-east corner of Peel & Sherbrooke and has been there for many years. I live in the neighbourhood but had never tried it.

We were 17 people and the owner/manager suggested a set dinner and asked for a budget/person. He suggested that $20/person + taxes & tip (15%) would provide a varied assortment of dishes. We all readily agreed but wondered what such a reasonable price would yield. Well, it yielded a veritable banquet.

4 cold appetizers and 3 hot appetizers in quantities that would choke a horse, and everything was obviously prepared to order. The test was the fattouch salad where the pieces of baked pita were solid and crispy, as opposed to many times I had had it and the pita was soggy from sitting around too long. Other cold appetizers included hummus which had whole chickpeas on top, baba ganouch and what I initially thought to be tabouleh, but realized it was too white. Turned out to be some kind of "crumbs" of cheese mixed with parsley and other herbs and spices. Everything was abolutely delicious.

The hot appetizers were also equally fresh and included (sorry, I don't know the names) small baked turnovers stuffed with a chicken and herb/spice mixture, cigar shaped thingees stuffed with lusciously melting cheese and a third which I can't remember (I'll have to take notes the next time) along with plates of french fries which were ordered a la carte.

Then came the mains - platters of chichen and filet mignon brochettes, kefta kebobs, veggies and triangles of pita covered in a diced red pepper/herbs/spices mixture. Again, so generous that there were leftovers on each platter, again, delicious, and the filet mignon, usually not one of my favourite beef choices because of its blandness, was superb, medium rare and well spiced. Thankfully, no dessert, as no one could have handled it, but coffee or tea was included.

Final bill: $27.55/person which included the extra charge for the french fries.

Concensus of the group: One of the best meals we've recently had.

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  1. I've been there before years ago and really enjoyed my meal.

    1. please do continue weekly, this board needs more random reviews instead of the old standbys

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      1. re: C70

        Hi CP70:
        I will continue to post in spite of minimal responses. I guess the old standbys still get the most "action". Maybe, at some time, posters will check it out.

        1. re: davyboy

          I'm reading, and it's appreciated. I've had business partners stay at the hotel and we considered going. Next time we will.

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            "I will continue to post in spite of minimal responses."

            Please don't let this deter you in any way. Sometimes, for whatever reason, there are no responses, but that doesn't mean that people aren't reading. There are lots of lurkers who read but do not post (I myself read a lot more than i post). I have also written many a post or new thread go through the system with nary a response. But i think it is really important to have as many data points as possible, from as many different sources as possible. It makes the board far more useful for everyone. And I strongly believe it is important to have information about many different restaurants. There are so many restos that don't get a mention on this board, so many neighbourhoods that seem unexplored.

            Keep up the great reports! This Friday night dining groups sounds like a great thing!

            Re: Fattouch: I had previously thought I dislike this salad, but now I realize I dislike poorly prepared fattouch that has been sitting there forever, with overly soggy pita. There is a lot of substandard fattouch out there. Will have out check out this version.

        2. Please do write. I am definitely going to try this place soon and I wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't for this review.

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            I went to this place a several years ago (5 or 7?) and remember really enjoying it. I don't remember what I had, but it was a tasting menu and it was great. I am happy to hear they're still doing well and will probably head back there sometimes soon. Thanks for putting it back on (my) map, davyboy!

          2. I remember going to Zawedeh about 7 years ago as part of a group of about 15 person, and had the same formula of hot and cold appetizers, plenty of meat and sides for main course.

            It's the kind of place i don't think about going, but that's definitly worth it.

            I should give it a try again

            1. Somone had recommended that place to me a couple of years ago, but, i decided to avoid it after my husband confused it with the crappy cafeteria downstairs and told me it the food was really bad.

              However, a few weeks ago my work ordered food from there for a party (around 50 people) and it was amazing. I am embarrased to remember how much fattoush i ate. So, i guess i wanted to tell you guys that they also cater.