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Jun 6, 2009 09:45 AM

What's the best and worst thing you ate this week in Indianapolis?

I'm taking a random poll from foodies in Indianapolis for a special food related project, hence the above title: WHAT IS THE BEST AND WORST THING YOU ATE THIS WEEK? Any feedback is appreciated!

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  1. Best: Moules Frite at Brugge Brasserie
    Worst: Carne Asada Tostada at El Torito Grill. Steak was undercooked and served cold over salad that was swimming in ranch dressing. Yuck.

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    1. re: mem53

      wow, ranch dressing at El Torito Grill?? What kind of cuisine do they claim to do there?

      1. re: napolean

        I should have known better than to order anything more complicated than tacos. I have to admit that the table-side made guacamole was really good, so my hopes were high. Oh well, at least I had some good guacamole and cocktails!

      2. re: mem53

        I ate at Brugge a year ago and had so-so beer, limp fries, mussels in a weak broth, and a chunk of submarine bread that couldn't soak up anything without falling apart. The cooks didn't pull out the dead mussels either. My GF had a duck confit crepe with an overpowering mustard sauce. It surprises me to see it at the top of your list. It seems like the reputation of that place was built on a previous cook.

      3. Best: Amazing tenderloin at Green Street Pub in Brownsburg.
        Worst: Breakfast sandwich from Starbucks.

        1. Does it have to be from a restaurant?

          The best thing from a restaurant was the veal chop at Sinclairs at the West Baden Hotel - on the bone, nice and pink through out, with a mushroom and onion confit and cauliflower gratin.

          The best thing at home was roasted duck with an apricot/chili paste glaze, roasted carrots (yes, in the duck fat) and mashed cauliflower

          The worst was the bruchetta chicken at MCL Cafeteria. Shame on me - I know . Dry chicken, awful tomatoes, fake garlic.... <shudder>