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Jun 6, 2009 09:28 AM

48 Eggs From Hens Out In The Country

A friend of mine showed up with two dozen eggs she'd bought at a farm out in Bastrop county a couple days ago.I thanked her profusely but couldn't keep my mind from racing.What in the world can I do with all these eggs?There's only so many fried eggs w/boudin,fried eggs w/Benton Bacon,fried eggs w/country ham and fried eggs divorceados I can eat.

What are some egg-heavy recipes or ideas y'all have to help me use these before they go bad?

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  1. Make a cream filled creampuff or eclairs. They use quite a few eggs. The shells freeze well. I have not tried freezing completed ones. The cream recipes I have used are also an egg heavy custard type filling.

    1. Lemon and lime curd.

      Eat soft boiled eggs and toast. Won't use up many but it will be lovely with fresh eggs.

      Pickled eggs.

      Cheese Souffle - Try this one, it uses whole eggs and is delicious and easy:

      Bread pudding

      Quiches - these can go in the freezer if you like.

      Make deviled eggs, invite a few people over, and they will be gone before you know it.

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        Those dang devils! People who would never eat more than 2 eggs for breakfast can easily eat twice the amount when they are tidbits at a party - I'm one of them!

      2. Fresh eggs will keep in the refrigerator for quite a long time, actually. I would use several this weekend in any recipe that calls for poached eggs, because the freshness will help keep the egg nice and tight in the poaching liquid.

        I'd also separate several eggs and do up a pasta carbonara for dinner -- to take advantage of that wonderful flavor -- with some sort of meringue-based dessert (or angel food cake). If you need more egg whites for an angel food cake, use more yolks in an aioli .

        How about quiche for brunch next weekend? Invite some folks over to share the bounty.

        1. Those eggs are magical. From two dozen to four dozen. Can I have one?

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            I'm not used to seeing cartons that hold 24 eggs and it mixed me up when I was admiring them and writing at the same time. I can roll through 24 no problem but 48 had me hornswoggled.What would you do with all these beauties Sam?

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              Actually, my ex wife would now and then bring home 36 country small farm eggs. I found that we just ate more of the normal things we did with eggs and they'd get consumed well before they went bad. One time we took quite a few boiled eggs with us night fishing. I packed a small bottle with salt, pepper, and chile flakes mixed together. Along with some good reds, the eggs were really good.