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Jun 6, 2009 09:26 AM

SD BASIC Kitchen's amazing pizza

I finally went to Basic Urban Kitchen last night and can now declare it the best pizza I've had in our fine city. We ordered the large red pie with mozzarella about eight vegetables. The thin crust pizza had that insanely delicious slight-woodfired-burnt-taste, perfect ratio of sauce: cheese, and just-right amount of toppings. The pie wasn't too greasey, but cooked in a way that I could appreciate each ingedient. I was also pleased to see they had Fat Tire on draft. That is pretty hard to find in Southern CA.

It got pretty loud and crowded, but we were able to enjoy our couch-like table and people watching. The service was fine considering how busy she was.

Although I have always enjoyed Lefty's and Luigi's, their pizza never completely wowed me.
Basic's pizza though, definitely hit every mark.

Has anyone out there tried the white pie with mashed potatoes? It doesn't exactly sound enticing, but I'm curious.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Loved the space and the feel of the place. And the one salad they make is pretty yummy, but that "slight-woodfired-burnt-taste" you referred to really turned me off. It was all over the pizza both time I went and really detracted from the taste. All they need to do is brush out the oven! I did try the mash potato pizza and found the potatoes to lack flavor and seasoning - and I love potatoes! Just tried Blind Lady Ale house last week. The ingredients were amazingly fresh and interesting and there was no burnt anything on it. The cesear salad and atmosphere were also great!

      1. re: sdnosh

        The salad sounded really good, we just didn't have room for that and several slices of pizza. Priorities, you know.

        For a strange reason, I liked that burnt taste. To each her pizza-loving own.

        I've heard wonderful things about Blindy Lady Ale. That's next on my list.

    2. My wife and I visit from Tucson a few times a year--she's there now with my mom and sisters--and we always visit Basic Urban, sometimes for lunch and dinner on the same day. Awesome pizza in a really cool place! The salad is also wonderful. I've had the mashed potatoes and they do need something with flavor. I think I paired them with the meatballs--no cheese--and some vegetables, and enjoyed the pizza.