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Jun 6, 2009 09:02 AM

Dinner out - suggestions for Columbia, MO

Visiting my daughter and her family (children from 6 to 14) and would like to find a place for dinner at least one night out. The children will politely eat most "American" foods but otherwise are not adventurous at table and I want it to be enjoyable for all, not a test. Price is a consideration and we would like to keep in a middle range if that can be worked into the picture (ie no $100 per person selections but $30 would be manageable). Thanks in advance.

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  1. We love CCs City Broilers in downtown Columbia (dinner only). My husband would frequent this restaurant when in Columbia, MO on business. The kids and I accompanied him a couple of times. We liked dining out on the patio.

    Another place that is a short drive away (20 min) is Les Bourgeois Winery Blufftop Bistro in Rocheport, MO (lunch and dinner - closed Mondays and close early on Sundays).

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      FYI, CC's City Broiler is no longer located downtown. It's now in a tiny strip mall on the west side of Forum Boulevard. Very pricey for what you get. It would be difficult to get out of there for under $30 pp.

      I recommend Coley's Bistro downtown on 6th Street. here's the website:

    2. I agree wholeheartedly with Christine. CC's and the Blufftop Bistro are both lovely, but pricey by Columbia standards. They might have entrees that are less than $30, but if you add in salads, appetizers, beverages, tip, etc., then most likely not.

      I also second Christine's recommendation for Coley's. There are a wide range of food options and prices. You could go filet or a burger, depending on what you want and it's a nice environment. The menu on their web site is slightly out of date, though. They have a new menu that has more options than what their previous menu had.

      Addison's, on Cherry Street between 7th and 8th streets, is also similar in terms of food and price points, but often more crowded.

      Also, Murry's, on Green Meadows just off Providence, is also a good spot. Everything there is a la carte, though, so the per-person price is really dependent on what you order. The portions are very generous (most side items are large enough to split between at least two people) and just about everything is good:
      My biggest piece of advice is to get there early (before 6), or have a back up plan. A 45-minute wait is not unusual for the busiest part of the dinner hour.