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Jun 6, 2009 08:44 AM

Cafe Mileto Going Downhill?

I've not been in a while and now this Gaithersburg spot's web site is down. Any new reports?

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  1. Well, I have to say that we ate here for the first time about three weeks ago and we felt our food was darn near inedible. And we're not the kind of folks who often say that kind of thing.

    We'd heard many good things about the place, and were finally in the neighborhood recently so we decided to try it out.

    I had spinach with garlic to start. I'm a huge garlic fan - HUGE. But the dish was oily with an overwhelming taste of garlic. The spinach was overcooked to the point of dark and wilted. There really wasn't much taste left in the spinach at all, leaving only the garlic and lots of oil for the palate. Not good.

    For dinner, I ordered the Rigatoni Bolognese but they were out of rigatoni so linguini was substituted. Not a huge deal to me, but I did find the pasta to be very overcooked. The dish was bland and milky. It was sort of like having warm milk on pasta. Really. There just wasn't any flavor to it at all. My fiance had Rigatoni Salsicce (again, no rigatoni; they substituted ziti, I think). His pronouncement was that the dish tasted "weird" - not exactly precise, but telling. He said it just tasted like there was something in it that shouldn't be, and he also noted it was very heavy on the garlic. Believe me when I tell you he doesn't usually leave food on his plate, but he barely ate 1/4 of this before he told me just had no desire whatsoever to eat one more bite of it. I had pretty much reached the same conclusion with my meal as well.

    In the positive column: the portions were generous. But, unfortunately, a whole big plate full of something you don't want to eat isn't really a big plus.

    We left a bit shellshocked - and hungry. We had heard so many raves about Cafe Mileto, and were so excited to try it. Maybe it was an off night. Or maybe there are some issues.

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      I agree - gone downhill over the past couple years, both service and food. My wife was served a meat sauce (she's vegetarian and did not order the meat sauce). The server would not come back to the table, so we had to go the host station to get someone to correct the dish. And the food is just mediocre.