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Jun 6, 2009 08:22 AM

need recs: date night on UWS

HI All- I am taking my wife on a rare evening out for her birthday (leaving the baby with the grandparents) and I was looking for suggestions for a place to eat. Any type of cusine will do, but we are looking for a relaxed atmosphere where we don't have to dress up too much and can linger over a bottle of wine or two and enjoy our peaceful, babyless surroundings. Of course, great food is a must! We want to stay on the UWS becuase that is where the grandparents live (if not the UWS at least an easy trip.). Any ideas?!

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  1. It would be helpful to know what your per person budget for food is, but in any case...

    I would suggest Telepan, on 69th St., b/t Columbus and CPW. Very good food, professional service, and understated elegant decor. No jacket is required, and the overall ambiance is quiet (without being funereal), comfortable, and relaxing.

    Happy Birthday to your wife and Bon Appetit!

    1. I like Dovetail, but it may be pricier than what you are looking for. You could also check out Ouest, Cesca, Nice Matin....

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        Second the 'cesca suggestion - think it's a perfect place for a romantic nice dinner. Busy, not too busy, right price and you won't be rushed out.

        164 W 75th St, New York, NY 10024

      2. nothing says romance like a double shack burger with cheese but if that doesnt work, telepan is yr next best bet. i stand behind everything RGR said...get the blini with trout and the foie gras...probably the richest version i've ever had.

        1. Telepan, Dovetail, Ouest, West Branch if you want a bit more casuaual and budget friendly.

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            I just ate at West Branch. While the food was pretty good and not pricey, the atmosphere was FAR from romantic. It was noisy to a point where my dad had a headache.

          2. I'd suggest Bar Bao - I've been twice now, once eating in the dining room with my husband, and once having drinks and appetizers in the bar area. The food (Vietnamese), is really quite good, the place has a nice somewhat sophisticated vibe, yet the servers etc. are very warm and friendly, without being too much so. No need to dress up particularly. It's in the space where Rain used to be.

   - there's a photo there.

            Wherever you end up going, enjoy!