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Jun 6, 2009 08:12 AM

Good AZ eats by the Phoenix Airport?

I mean really close to the Phoenix Airport. I have a layover of an hour and a half between PHX and LA. Any local deliciousness nearby? I just ask because we have a ton of options within walking distance from the Burbank LA airport so I thought it might be the same here. Thanks!

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  1. The only thing within walking distance of the terminals at PHX is more airport. ;-)

    Seriously, though, 90 minutes doesn't seem like a whole lot of time to me, given that you're looking at close to a 10-minute cab ride each way and a wait at the security checkpoint plus time spent walking through the airport, which can be considerable if you're going through Terminal 3 or 4.

    It might be possible, but I know I would be too worried about missing my connecting flight to enjoy my meal.

    I always fly through Terminal 4 (Southwest and US Air). When I eat there, I usually go with a green chile burrito or tamale from one of the Mexican places (Oaxaca, El Bravo) or a breakfast burrito from Blue Burrito Grille--my choice being driven by which gate I'm flying out of and how much time I have before my flight. None of these are what I would call great, but definitely better than the fast food chains (e.g., BK, CPK, Pizza Hut).

    1. Hohokam is right. PHX Sky Harbor is a huge airport -- much bigger than Burbank. There's no way you could exit the airport, return, and clear security in 90 minutes. Choose the least offensive option behind security.