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Jun 6, 2009 08:11 AM

Anniversary weekend in st pete, dinner recs?

My husband and I are getting away to celebrate our anniversary for a weekend stay at the Don. We have reservations at Fetishes on one evening. Any recs for the other evening? Should we just stay at the hotel? We do not want to drive too far. Decent wine list is fairly important but food more so.

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  1. The fine dining at the Don is good (I haven't personally eaten there in a couple of years, but they still have a good reputation).

    Other great options are in downtown St. Pete. You might consider Bella Brava, Z Grille, Cafe Alma, etc..

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      I suggest you try having lunch at the Reef on the beach in St. Pete Beach. It's totally funky but fresh and they treat you really well and it's a good locals kind of place. Totally the opposite of fine dining but a really fun place. Another nice place down that way is Nori Thai on Blind Pass Road. It's pretty authentic for Florida and the food is very good.

      The best meal we had last winter was at The Pearl in Treasure Island. Things change quickly there but it was really fine and not that far a drive from the Don.

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        I third the Pearl! I think you'll like it better than Fetishes (mandatory gratuity at Fetishes FYI). Only about four miles from the Don, make a reservation for a weekend date. I also like Cafe Luna better than Fetishes, at 6700 Gulf Blvd.

        Just to clarify, the Reef is not ON the beach, but a few blocks away. I've only had drinks there, but the atmosphere is really friendly and fun.
        Not fine dining, but be sure to have a drink and bar food at Philthy Phil's, on 75th across the street from the water. Skip Woody's, Philthy's is better.

      1. re: TIGirl

        Thank you all for your suggestions! Very much appreciated.

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          Just a follow-up to this original post. I did go to Fetishes. It was terrific! Bruce provides such service to his customers that it makes it a wonderful dining experience. The fish was delish and his wine suggestion was on the mark. The mandatory gratuity mentioned above is fair for this service. We also visited The Pearl. It was good, service was very attentive, nice atmosphere. Stayed at the Don Cesar where we had great breakfasts and an outstanding cheese plate for two that was plenty for lunch. We did not have another evening for the hotel restaurant for dinner. Thanks again for your recs!