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Jun 6, 2009 07:43 AM

Best BYOB restaurant for wine

What's the best BYOB restaurant in NYC? Particularly interested in restaurants suitable for a nice bottle of wine.

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  1. i really don't understand this question. not trying to be difficult, but what do you mean?

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    1. re: thew

      My wife and I were given a few bottles of really nice, fairly pricey wine, and we thought it would be great to take them to a BYOB restaurant. The problem is, the only BYOB restaurants that I know of tend to be ultra-casual, or the type of cuisine that I'd prefer to pair with beer (e.g., Mexican).

      There was a brief window when Vinegar Hill House was BYOB that we missed. That would have been perfect. I'm trying to find a BYOB place that's somewhat comparable.

      1. re: davr73

        It's almost impossible to answer without more information. Reds, whites, older, younger, how much are you willing to spend on food as well as corkage fees?

        True, no-corkage BYO is rare. Apiary on Monday nights does offer it. Union Square Cafe is now $10. Or you can go really over the top and go to 11 Madison, where it's all great but if you bring more than 4 bottles there's a $250 supplemental fee.

        Very, very few restaurants allow free BYO because if they have a liquor or wine/beer license, they're giving up on the revenue, and if they don't, they're putting their applications at risk by allowing patrons to bring bottles in.