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Apr 24, 2009 02:32 AM


I went to A5 (now 5A5) a few weeks ago during the soft opening and had the "A5" grade Wagyu @ $16/oz and the dry age sliced New York Steak. The wagyu was a huge disappointment, it was over salted and served with a soy sauce on the side. The meat did not cut like butter. The New York steak was much better in my opinion at $16 for 7oz.

Chef Marc came out to check on us and gave us his "special" knife still in it's tissue wrap to use. I thought it would be a Laguiole.

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  1. We went to A5 during the soft opening and ordered the ribeye - it was very fatty and the knife they gave us didn't cut very well at all.

    1. Went to 5A5 (i think that it used to be called A5) a little over a week ago with a group of friends - both the food and service were outstanding. Thought that they've been open for a while, but our server said that their official grand opening was only a few weeks back?

      They recently hired the executive sous chef from Alexander's Steakhouse - maybe the food has improved dramatically since then as we all left very impressed. Had a 4 oz of the A5 New York, very reasonably priced at a little over $60. Marbling was exceptional, meat was very tender. The manager showed us how we were able to cut through the A5 with our forks! Cool to see, but we still used our knives as the fork thing just felt a little awkward.

      Only complaint was the lack of valet parking so we parked like a block away.

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        5A5 Steak Lounge
        244 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111