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Jun 6, 2009 07:12 AM

Dos Amigos / Stuart - Closed?

I passed by Dos Amigos in Stuart this morning. Their big sign was down, a temporary sign was posted that stated "now hiring" and it looks as if this landmark Stuart mexican eatery has closed. It was my cup of tea but this place was wildly successful, parking lot always full and a line on Friday and Saturday nights. Not an authentic mexican restaurant by any means but was sorry to see that it's closed if indeed that's the case.


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  1. Apparently the original owner will be reopening it as the Santa Fe Cafe and will have some new things and some of the same things.

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      1. I truly hope it is better. THe few times I ate there over the past 5 years, the food was horrible. I'll definitely give it a try this time around.

        1. re: leslieolson

          We'll certainly give it a try too. We went there several years ago (under the orginal ownership) and the food was Americanized Mexican cuisine (at best).....Good but certainly not authentic Mexican (like I'm used to eating at the Mexican restaurants in Homestead)....but good enough and it was a fun, festive atmosphere.....We'll make our way there.......We do like Publo Viejo in Ft. Pierce....not awesome but some authentic dishes (platas tipicas) on the menu........


          1. re: LargeLife

            I agree. Pueblo Viejo is certainly much better than Dos Amigos. We eat there often. However, we did live in Austin TX for a time, which has completely ruined us.

        2. when is sante fe cafe opening?can't wait to try it!!

            1. re: jmefromstuart

              We drove by last night on the way to eat in Stuart and saw that they were open....We'll give it a few weeks though....Let them work out the kinks first.....and then make our way there and see what's what......


          1. So who is the new owner?

          2. The original comment has been removed