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Jun 6, 2009 06:53 AM

Looking for good take-out near Victoria

We (5 adults) will be in London for a week staying in a flat in Pimlico. In order to keep costs down we are looking to bring take-home back to the flat several times instead of eating out. Looking for any good food suggestions including fish and chips and any and all ethnic eateries which have reasonably priced take out food.

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  1. I don't know the Pimlico area (but someone here is bound to), but don't forget that the major supermarkets here have wonderful prepared foods - nothing like is found in the U.S. There's Indian, Chinese plus good British meals, too. Marks & Spencer's always has great things that are easy to fix in a hurry.

    1. There's an Ottolenghi in Belgravia that isn't too far from Victoria.

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        You have two decent Fish & Chip places reasonably close by

        Seafresh on Wilton Road (a short walk from Victoria Station)

        The Laughing Halibut (38 Strutton Ground)

        Both worth a try

        Hope this helps


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          I've never tried The Laughing Halibut but Seafresh is ordinary Fish and Chips at restaurant prices. Almost any of the surrounding restaurants will be better and cheaper.

      2. is (or atleast was) a pretty decent delivery service. you order via the net....

        Can't vouch for the whole menu, but the Thai stuff and Indian was really nice.

        1. This site has an article on the best budget eating to be had in Victoria and Pimlico

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            Thank you so much. That was very helpful...will check out fish and chips on Lupus St.