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Jun 6, 2009 06:47 AM

Downtown Lunches?

I've just changed jobs and for the first time, will be working down near South Ferry, on Broad Street. I have NO idea what is good in the area for lunches and am somewhat intimidated at the hustle and bustle of the area during lunchtime. Wow, it is SO busy and the places seem ridiculously crowded and impossible to get into from what I've noticed thus far.

I have not started the job, I do this coming Monday but I have been down there twice already for lunch meetings with the staff and I'm concerned about how I'm going to get in and out of a place in under an hour (I was taken to two nice restaurants while there, and had the luxury of spending time dining those times).

So, where to go? Obviously on nice days, I can just grab something and head outdoors to eat but then, where is nice to sit down too?

It's funny, I used to live sort of close by several years back (Battery Park City) but I just never got used to the neighborhoods there, and the streets really baffle me. For a native NY'er, downtown is a huge mystery to me :P

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks for those Kathryn. Should be helpful and I'm glad to see a couple of chains which I enjoy are down there (Chipotle, Sophies for instance). I did find a decent pizzeria once, can't remember the name of it, might be something like Ponzi's? Around the block from Broad Street, I think on State? Not typical NY pizza, more like artisinal fancy pizza with fresh mozzerella, was very good.

      Breakfast sound like it will be challenging too but when I was in mid-town they were as well. Not a decent bagel to be had there either so I used to stop off in Zaros in Penn Station on my way to the office (not the best either, but acceptable). Sounds like I may have to do the same at the new job.

      1. re: Elora

        Underground Pizza has a decent slice. Adrienne's has pies. Financier is a good pastry shop, no bagels/bialies in this neighborhood.