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Jun 6, 2009 05:15 AM

Lobster at DeAngelos?

They are advertising 3 different lobster items. Has anyone tried them? They'd have to go aq long way to even approach the great lobster rolls we had at The Sesuit Harbor Cafe this week!

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  1. I haven't gotten all three. I did try the lobster salad one, nothing to write home about. It's on a sub roll and it was very bland.

    My vote? I wouldn't bother.

    1. Lobster salad is large hunks of real lobster and mayo, nothing else, which in my eyes is a good thing!
      I don't expect lobster salad to be spiced or heavily adulterated, bland is ok here.
      This is much better than any deli or restaurant-if you could even find a chunky REAL lobster salad anywhere.
      Try it....