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Jun 6, 2009 05:09 AM

Governor's Tavern, East Hampton CT

Want to give a heads-up to this place. Had dinner on Wednesday evening. A brand-new menu with unexpected offerings, rather eclectic. The surprise is a selection of Irish dishes, including lamb stew in a bread bowl, bangers and mash, and a version of macandcheese. Friend and I both had beef items which were very good. I had Cajun tips with a blue cheese sauce lightly applied to the kabobs. Good chunky mashed potatoes. Skinny green beans quite crisp which I prefer cooked a bit longer. We had an appetizer of goat cheese and risotto balls deep-fried with a fine remoulade on the side--yum, yum. Desserts are ho-hum...molten chocolate, creme brulee cheesecake, caramel apple crisp, etc. The Tavern is definitely worth a stop in this somewhat culinarily-challenged part of the state. (East Hampton also has a small but quite good Chinese place called, I think, China Dragon. It's set back quite a ways from the road amongst a few other shops but worth seeking out.)

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