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Jun 6, 2009 04:11 AM

Lipton Yellow Label Tea?

I just got back from Thailand and would love to find some of the delicious Lipton Yellow LAbel tea they served everywhere there. I tried the market in Thailand Plaza(?) on Hollywood but they didn't have any.
Anyone know where I can get some in LA?

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  1. I know you want to buy it here in LA but if you can't-GOOGLE shows it through I am curious what was so special about this tea?

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    1. re: SIMIHOUND

      It's simply one of the best cheap bagged teas you can buy, IMHO. It got a big bump in profile last year when it appeared on Saveur's Top 100 List:

    2. I think that they MAY have it at India Sweets and Spices.

      India Sweets & Spices
      3126 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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        As a matter of fact, almost ANY Indian grocery store in SoCal carries it. That's where I get mine...

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          Great! I will definitely check it out.

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            Went there today, they definitely have it THANKS!

          2. veronykah --
            I, too, have seen Lipton Yellow Label Tea in the various Indian markets.
            Did you find it?

            Please, tell us what distinguishes this tea from other Lipton teas? I am not a fan of Lipton's teas, but your post is the second or third time I have read that this is a special tea. Does it taste like black tea? Is it floral?

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            1. re: liu

              It, for me, tastes like a very strong black tea. Nothing like the Lipton Tea sold in America.
              I like to drink my black tea with milk and sugar, this one is wonderful.
              It apparently is sold in countries where the population drinks tea, therefore I can only assume it is a "better" tea than the black teas marketed here.
              I'm going to look for it today, fingers crossed.

            2. There were (figuratively) tons on the bottom shelf of the tea section at Samosa House in Culver City this afternoon. They have bags, and loose tea, all available in multiple box sizes.

              They also have Yorkshire Gold (my personal favorite) at reasonably competitive prices.

              And, on a related note, while their steam table options have suffered a bit, their chaat is pretty good and the list of offerings seems to grow every day.

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              1. re: Moomin

                I will be visiting Samosa House next time I'm on the Westside for sure, everything I read about them sounded great.