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Your GO TO Claim Jumper dish?

What's you're GO TO order when you feel like guilty eating at Claim Jumpers? For me it's the FRISCO BURGER. How about you?

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  1. Widowmaker burger and carrot cake . . . . no question!

    1. I've actually never had the carrot cake... and the widowmaker burger... well.. frightens me.

      1. Widowmaker burger and chopped wedge salad

        1. Chicken fried steak. Enough for two people to share.

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            DITTO!!! Also love the Club Sandwich... always good!!


          2. agreed chicken fried steak is the best.
            DH almost always gets the orr cart - rib & chicken combo
            DD#1 gets the stuffed Idaho
            DD#2 gets pasta or CFS

            1. I've never had chicken fried steak.... ever....

              1. A lot of choices, Fresco Burger, Widow Maker, Chicken Fried Steak, The Mother Lode Sandwich. I usually rotate thru them all and include the California Citrus Salad. Eat the salad, take home half of the meal. My wife has had the Whiskey Apple Pork Loin and the Whiskey Chicken also good. Sometimes just the good old Food Bar.

                1. I love their cashew chicken sandwhich. Makes three meals for me.

                  1. Beef Ribs & Mashed Potatoes