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Jun 5, 2009 08:05 PM

Costco Hot Dogs (moved from L.A. board)

Several weeks ago I read on a hot dog thread here that Costco had quit serving Hebrew National dogs. We were at the Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills location and asked if this was true.

Tha food manager advised that Costco was running trials at sone stores , serving their in house brand Kirkland, but not at this location. They said they never realized how many people were concerned about this, yet even knowing of the trial. No info if it is going to be a permanent change!

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  1. Still serving HN at the Burbank location.

    1. Last week at the Costco in Canoga Park they were selling the Kirkland hot dogs in refrigerated case and still selling the Hebrew National at the food court.

      1. We love Costco but the Best Dog (Polish) is the NEW Nathan's Polish Dog at SAM'S no comparison.
        If in Chicago the Vienna Natural casing Polish dog is very good also, not easy to find in LA.

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        1. re: russkar

          Last week I checked out the new Weenie Shack in Woodland Hills. They feature Vienna products. One of the Vienna product poster's on the wall was a Vienna Spicy Polish dog which I tried. It was OK, but I don't think it had a natural casing.

          Weenie Shack
          21014 Ventura Blvd.
          Woodland Hills

          1. re: monku

            If it didn't SNAP it wasn't natural casing which is rare in Calif.

            Sam's Club's Nathan's Polish Dog (not natural casing) is going to Rock your World blows Costco away!

          2. re: russkar

            I don't have a membership at Costco or Sams, but non-members can still purchase hotdogs, pizzas, etc at Costco because most of their food courts are outside. Do you know if SAMS is like that?

            1. re: HBfoodie

              The Sam's in Fullerton is located just inside the exit. You can time it to go in the out door (when someone walks out) and get a hotdog w/o membership.

          3. From what I recall, the reason for the change was due to a production problem with the largest kosher meat packer going bankrupt and a problem with supplying the stores nationally with the hot dogs.

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              1. re: monku

                shocking. I might have to rethink a tradition. if it aint hebrew national, it aint as reliable.

                1. re: monku

                  Did the article really say the new quarter pound dogs are 10% heavier than the old quarter pound dogs? So the older ones were short-weight? The new ones are 4.4 ounces?

                  1. re: Akitist

                    Seems like it must be 4.4 ounces.
                    0.4 ounces = 11.3 dollar bills.

                    1. re: Akitist

                      I think they are calling these a "quarter pound plus"

                2. I wrote to the CEO a couple of months ago and asked if he would have Turkey dogs for us who don't eat Beef hot dogs..haven't heard back..
                  What's up with that?

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                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    For those that don't eat beef don't they have the turkey wrap and the chicken bake?

                    1. re: monku

                      yeah, but nothing like a 'turkey' dog and a soda for $1.50!