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Jun 5, 2009 07:50 PM

Phoenix Burger Lovers Rejoice!!

A buddy of mine was at a place called citycenter or citynorth and asked me about a restaurant that is about to open called 25 Degrees. He had thought he heard me talking about it many times (you pretty much can’t shut me up talking about searching for the best burger, lengua taco, fries or bowl of pho in Los Angels and Orange County where I live) Well my friend...that restaurant rules!!!

For all of you who live in the area, you are about to be able to enjoy a burger that was previously only available to those in Los Angeles.

As a So Cal native I have always been searching for a beyond delicious gourmet burger. I like a burger with American cheese as much as the next guy but these burgers are at a whole different level of deliciousness. I have been enjoying these burgers in Los Angeles for some time.

I am looking forward to hearing my buddy’s opinion. He said that by the looks of it, 25 Degrees should be open by next week.

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I've heard good things about 25 Degrees in LA, and had no idea they were opening up a place down here. Looking forward to giving it a try. Curious if anyone knows an exact opening date?

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      No exact date, but given the tenuous nature of the CityNorth development, I'm not holding my breath.

      Great sauerkraut. But the best part of the restaurant, at least the one in Hollywood, is it's late hours (or essentially 24 hours, except for every other Monday).

    2. All it took was first glance at the website. As soon as I saw Tim and Liza Goodell I knew this would be a place worth checking out. I was living in SoCal when they launched their first place, Aubergine, and will always be a big fan. I'm back in the area this fall for a concert, and 25 Degrees is at the top of the restaurant list, along with Brent's Deli... the only thing I miss not living down there anymore.

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        I'm not a big burger eater, hopefully they have a nice turkey or veggie burger. Cudos to the Goodell's! I'd walk a mile in the tracks of the truck that carried them. Loved Aubergine!

        1. re: Tracicat

          Yes they do have both a turkey and veggie. They also have some seriously gourmet cheeses and condiments. The fries and onion rings a pretty stellar as well.

          Aubergine....That brings back some great memories. Hands down the best restaurant Newport Beach has ever seen. I have had some incredible meals there.

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            It's my SO's (Mr Meat and Potato} birthday this he wanted to start the celebration early. He had 2 passes to AMC theaters and wanted to go see an early show of Transformers 2.....
            I can't believe I obliged him and sat through a 2 1/2 hour movie w/ preteens at 4pm on a Monday afternoon. What could be more painful.
            Indulgently I remembered 25 Degrees being mentioned on Chowhound and told him I had the perfect place for dinner after the movie...and he would love it! My Treat!
            The movie as long and monotonous as it was, seemed to fly by at the anticipation of a big juicy burger and cocktail at the other end.

            We arrived @ City North around 7:30pm and had absolutely no problem finding a parking place. Blue Martini which is usually bustling ,was quiet....except for a live cover band echoing throughout mall.

            We walked into 25 Degrees, it is small, dark and chic. I loved the feel of the modern mixed w/ the french bordello. I especiall loved the black chandeliers. The hostess told us to sit anywhere as there were only 3 parties dining when we arrived.

            My SO went right for the chocolate shake whick our server told us was made w/ 'Homemade Chocolate' sauce. He loved it! I ordered the Cucumber Cooler cocktail. It was gin, cucmber, basil and very refreshing. Perfect for a steamy monsoonal evening. It made me want to run out and buy a mortar and pestle.

            There were so many things on the menu that intrigued it wasn't my bday I had to accomodate.
            My SO wanted to share a salad and chose the Traditional Caesar which was fabulous. It was dressed well with a perfect combination of worcestershire, anchovy, parmesean. The fried capers were a perfect compliment to the flavors. This passed with flying colors. We both loved it.
            We each chose our own burger...My SO had the ground sirloin w/ the farmhouse cheddar, I had the Number 1..w/ carmelized onion, gorgonzola, arugula, bacon and thousand island dressing...both burgers were served on very light buttery brioche. Wrapped in paper w/ a side of pickles, onion and tomato.
            We shared a side of 'Half and Half" onion rings and fries (Mr SO isn't a sweet potato fry fan...go figure) along w/ a side of gallego sauce..a red pepper aoili.
            The Burgers were terrific, 9oz, cooked to order and juicy.
            The onion rings were flaky, seasoned well and delicious dipped in the 'Gallego' sauce.
            My SO loved the fact 25 Degrees serves Ketchup in a bottle and not a ramekin as he thinks of ketchup as a main course and not a accompaniment.
            He wasn't a fan of the seasoning on the fries...i liked them.
            I could only dream of coming back and trying some of the 'snacks' the other burger toppings, the grilled cheese, the sweet potato fries......

            25 degrees is a must!
            The evening was a hit!

            1. re: ciaogal

              Thanks for the great review, ciaogal. It sounds like a place I want to try. I ate at Burger Bar in Vegas this weekend and had a great burger again. Can't wait to see if 25 Degrees is at the same level.


              1. re: barry

                I too loved Burger Bar!
                25 Degrees is along the same lines...except you can't choose your 'grade' of beef, and no foie gras....bummer!


      2. We just came from 25 Degrees. Very impressed with the food. I'm not a huge Delux fan, so it wasn't hard for 25D to blow it out of the water.

        I had the sirloin burger with jalapeno bacon and cheddar, medium rare. LOTS of flavor. My wife had the #3--mezzo secco jack/green chili/chipotle/avocado on a turkey burger. We split the half fries/half rings and a strawberry shake. She was very happy with her burger, but we were just okay with the fries/rings. They were good, but not $6 good, so we probably won't get them again. The shake was very good and we will be splitting it again.

        Our friends both had the #1-caramelized onion/prelibato gorgonzola/crescenza/bacon/arugula/1000 Island. They were impressed with the flavor and agreed about it blowing away Delux. My friend also commented it was one of the better caesar salads he had ever had as well, and they were happy with the Guinness shake they split.

        Atmosphere was good even if the loud music was a little at odds with the decor.

        I recommend 25 Degrees for anyone who doesn't mind dropping $100 (with tip) for a party of 4 at a "burger joint" without alcohol (unless you count the Guinness shake).

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        1. re: zjgm02

          I have been there three times and each time it was very good. My only criticism is their rather lackluster beer selection (although I do like the Inversion IPA). I particularly like a good brown ale (Moose Drool is a good choice) or an Anchor Steam with a burger. If they could get Delux's beer selection, it would be a perfect burger spot.