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Jun 5, 2009 07:46 PM

All-you-can-eat crab restaurant in region?

My parents love shellfish, especially crab, and they have heard from somewhere that Rhode Island area has good crab restaurant.

I don't know if it was strictly buffet-style they were asking for. But if it serves good amount of crab in New England region, I'll take it.

Please include the restaurant name, the address (or roughabout), and the price.

Thank you for your help.

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  1. You might want to try the Nordic Lodge.

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      1. re: Morganna

        Charlestown, RI. Google it and it will give you all the info you need.

        1. re: Rhody Rogue

          nordic is 65 bucks per person and they serve giant king crab legs
          that is it for crab there they are famous for lobster
          the china buffetts chain lowell methuen manchester nh then there is one i thing ( not the same name ) in billerica but at night they all serve smaller spider crab legs 2 -3 ways about 11-12 bucks per person

          1. re: foodperv

            They raised the price to $80 a person.

      2. re: Rhody Rogue

        Nordic Lodge, 2009 PRICING: Adults - $80.00
        Soft Drinks, Tax and Gratuity Included = Maximium Dining 2 Hours (verbatim)

        Custy's: Adults $69.95 Tax and gratuity not included. I did not note any mention of a time limit.

        For information porpoises only. I do not endorse buffets. Curious.

      3. You don't mention what kind of crab you are seeking which would be helpful. Assuming it is king crab, there are two total pig out buffet restaurants in the RI area, the Nordic Lodge as mentioned below and Custy's , just over the line in Ct just south of the Mashantuc Pequot casino...also owned by them now as I understand. Both have web sites but range at about $70 per person for all you can stuff down your throats in 2 hours or so. Not a place I would consider on either count. Lobsters are also featured..again, all you can eat in the allotted time frame.

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        1. re: Scargoe

          Flo's on Thursdays in Middletown (just over the Newport line) has all you can eat crab (not sure if it's snow or King) for like $11.95

          1. re: milemarker0

            Definitely Flo's. Skip Nordic. For the current price of $80 p/p and a 2 hour all you can stuff down your gullet, I'd rather go elsewhere. I agree with Scargod on buffets.