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Jun 5, 2009 06:38 PM

1 night in Virgina Beach, where to eat???

I'll be in Virginia Beach this week for 1 night on business. First time there.......staying near the Town Center. Any recommendations for the best place I can go to eat dinner?

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  1. I am not current on the area but have enjoyed Aldo's on Laskin Rd (15 mins from your hotel) and The Lynnhaven Fish House (off Shore Drive) in the past. Also used to be a nice spot named Pasta and Pani, but it may be closed. Maybe someone who lives there will chime in.

    1. For only one night and first time, I would go with either: One Fish, Two Fish or Bubba's. VB Restaurants compared with other locations have seafood to boast about and these two do it well and have nice water views. Try to go while it is still light to enjoy them. One Fish Two Fish has more creative dishes of the two, while Bubba's if you eat on the deck has the best atmosphere.