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Stone road grille in NOTL

I'm heading to NOTL in a few weeks and was thinking about having dinner here one night. The menu looks great, and judging by the comments here, the food is good, but if I remember from my last visit to NOTL, the restaurant is in some strip mall or something. Whats the atmosphere like inside the place? Any advice?

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  1. It's very warm and cozy inside, with some eclectic decor. You would never guess from the outside. It's a wonderful spot -- far and away better than anything you'll find in Old Town, and a lower price point than the winery restaurants. Highly recommended.

    1. I have a "room shot" as well as menu shots in the flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlunar/s...

      Recs: Though I went a couple years ago now, I really enjoyed the maple cotton candy and especially enjoyed the Clafouti for dessert (Uh.. note: I have a sweet tooth). Phenomenally good. Everything else was good, but only so-so. I would rather go back to Treadwell's out of the two.

      If you're going to Stone road, there's also Willow Cakes and Pastries (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlunar/s...) in the same strip, but in the stand alone store thing in the lot. Lovely looking cakes, the truffles and butter tarts were nice.

      Stone Road Grille
      238 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

      Willow Cakes
      242 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

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        perfect, thanks so much. Those butter tarts at willow cakes look amazing. Now Im really excited!

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          I personally would skip Willow Cakes for The Pie Plate. Willow Cakes' products are prettier, but The Pie Plate's are tastier.

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            thanks for the tip. Taste trumps appearance when it comes to high-calorie treats.

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              Yes, I agree. Pie Plate, not Willow!!!!

              On my visit to The Pie Plate a few weekends ago, they had both raisin and nut butter tarts. In my opinion, they were better than Flaky Tart. Smaller, too, which makes them easier to eat. Everything we tried there was delish.

              I also recommend Olson's at Ravine Vineyard, for a nice lunch if the weather is good. Very picturesque, and I did enjoy the savoury items (the sweets are hit and miss, in my opinion). The sandwiches in the new shop (RV) are pre-prepared in the refrigerator (so you can see what you are ordering) and then put on the panini press once ordered. I appreciated this, since the time I ate at her original location in Port Dalhousie, Hubbie and I got sandwiches that didn't match what we expected according to the menu description (light on ingredients, etc.).

              I hope you do go to SRG. We had a wonderful meal there.

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                Im so glad you mentioned the Ravine vineyard, I was planning on making a stop in for a light lunch. I'll report back on it all.

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                  I would recommend lunch at Peller Estates. It was the best lunch I have had in a very long time! It was simply divine.

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                    I would love to go back to peller. I had an incredible tasting menu dinner there with my bf last summer. However, my parents (read: non foodies) are taking me this year along with them and would not appreciate this level of dining.

      2. Don't let the location discourage you. The atmosphere at SRG is warm, exciting and altogether extremely comfortable - and classy without a hint of pretension.

        1. STG is cosy and warm in the sense it has friendly staff and clientele but it's also pretty noisy. My favourite feature is that all dishes are available in 1/2 portions to allow you to sample and create your own tasters.

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            really?? even with the main courses? Like, I could have 1/2 portion of steak frites and 1/2 portion of duck?

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              Yes, all of their entrees are available in appetizer sizes. It's a nice feature.

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                Very nice. So any recommendations for apps, desserts or mains anyone?

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                  Highly recommend the cloudberry crème brulée. Checking out the online menu, it looks different from the one I remember a few weeks back. Don't know if it's their current menu, an old one, or just a selection. I had the steak frites, which I very much enjoyed. Definitely have the lobster triangolini and the charcuterie plate, the latter of which is all made in-house, by the chef, and featured a totally decadent, luscious chicken mousse the night we were there (plus a bunch of cured meats).

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                    i was there over the christmas break, and they had this beautiful chef's special with lamb cooked in 3 ways - a mouth-watering sheppard's pie, a chop, and a small rack. very very delish.

                    btw - as everyone else has said, it's a great little place. the decor is nice, and to be honest, its one of the least pretentious (sp?) places i have been for this type of dining. enjoy!

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                      thanks for the reply! Sounds like a real gem, Im excited and will report back.

            2. How are the prices at Stone Road Grille? I see the menu online, but as Full Tummy commented earlier, I'm also not sure if the menu is old or current so I wasn't sure about the pricing. Just ordering a salad and an entree for lunch, could we get out of there around $25 per person (not including tax and tip)? I'm hoping to arrange a one-day trip with a few friends and would like a sit-down lunch and then head to all the other "sweet" places noted on this board for a treat... so just want to make sure Stone Road Grille's prices would be suitable for the group.

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                I think 25 for lunch would be enough, extra if you want wine, but as you can see, the most expensive main at lunch is 14$, so you should be okay. Report back if you go!

              2. So glad I read this thread- Stone Road Grille was great. Interesting menu, and the food lived up to its descriptions. Nice servers, too. Best meal I've had in the Niagara region.

                I had the smoked salmon with baby spinach and chevre, and a strawberry "crumble"- made with port macerated strawberries and crumbled shortbread. The Rest sundae looked amazing- chocolate mousse and cappuccino ice cream sandwiched between layers of meringue.

                Thought the lunches were reasonably priced (most items were between $10 and $16), and the desserts were interesting ($8 & $9).

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                  I also had lunch at the Stone Road Grill on my most recent trip to the Niagara area last week. Excellent food and prices. Quite possibly the best deal in that area when one considers the food quality and the prices. Everything is done in-house. I had a salad with excellent house cured bresaola and duck confit. I also had the frites, light and fluffy on the inside and nice and and crunchy on the outside.

                  Also, it had a great and reasonably priced wine list with local wines from some of the better wineries in the area including some of the smaller, lesser known operations like Organized Crime and Lailey. Great place to sample a glass of wine you may be thinking of purchasing while you are down there (a number of the really good ones are only available to be purchased at the winery).

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                    I had lunch at Stone Road Grill on the long weekend as well. Agreed that the value was excellent - but I was most impressed with their breads! Everything tasted very fresh and the bread was amazing. They had 3 kinds of breads for us to sample - one was made with wine and the crust was amazing. Their desserts are huge as well - twice the size of a normal portion of strawberry tart and creme brulee. Really enjoyed the creme brulee. Service was excellent - the only issue was they ran out of steak but because it was the long weekend it was definitely understandable. I would definitely go back next time I'm in NOTL.

                2. Had a lovely lunch at SRG on the long weekend. Charcuterie wasn't as good as most chefs' charcuterie in Toronto and matched Charles Baker riesling was so-so. However, the $10 chef's salad (with bresaola, quail egg, Niagara gold cheese, dried olives, dried tomatoes, duck confit, bibb lettuce) was whole-is-greater-than-sum delicious, the $7 taste of Le Clos Jordanne Pinot Noir was divine, and the 12-minute made-to-order clafoutis was the perfect end to the meal.

                  Service, on the other hand, was puzzling, from the hostess' poor choice of seating in an otherwise empty dining room (we asked to move next to the window) to the server constantly reaching way across and way too close to refill water without an "excuse me".

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                    We go to NOTL for a wine tour every year, and every year we eat at the Stone Road Grille! It's great. I kind of like that it's in that weird plaza — makes it feel more "local" and less touristy.

                    Stone Road Grille
                    238 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

                  2. If you enjoyed Stone Road Grille, aka "Rest" then don't forget to try their gourmet pizza take-out, located next door, just around the corner, called "Rest-To-Go-Go"

                    Been going to SRG since my fiancée took me there 4 years ago, and we've always gone there whenever we're in town. The service is excellent, they do not discriminate based upon age/fashion. The food is excellent, with the menu changing depending on the seasonal ingredients available. My favourite - organic lamb done three ways. My fiancée always starts off with the Poutine with foie gras, while I have oysters. For dessert, the cotton candy is just whimsical and fun, plus they will wrap it up if you don't finish it. Definitely a must-try!

                    Willow Cakes and Pastries has a GREAT ham-and-cheese croissant - none of this bland, dry TIm Hortins style, no no, it is absolutely fluffy, flakey, buttery, and full of chunks of ham and cheddar - make sure you call them to pre-order though, they sell out quick! Their bakery in the back is also open to view thru a big window inside of the storefront.

                    Rest-To-Go-Go is an excellent gourmet pizza takeout joint, especially for one that's located in a stripmall, heeheehee. My favourite is the "Quacky" - duck confit, carmelized onions, all on a thin crust (to be honest, I think all of their pizzas are thin-crust). They have 4 or 5 signature pizzas, but you can also pick and choose. I spoken with many different residents of NOTl - they all swear by Rest-To-Go-Go because it's different, but delicious!

                    Stone Road Grille
                    238 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

                    Willow Cakes
                    242 Mary St, Niagara-ON-the-Lake, ON L0S, CA

                    1. Ate at Stone Road recently and one of the most satisfying meals I've had in while. The charcuterie plate was excellent, the daily pasta was phenomenal, the duck leg was tremendous. Deserts were good but not amazing, and the wine list (all Ontario) was fine - lots of different price points and not unreasonable. Service was good but not annoying - highly recommended.

                      1. Stone Road Grille "REST to Go-Go" has closed and will reopen as a new concept.