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Jun 5, 2009 05:03 PM

Ned's Groceria in Gloucester ?

Does anyone know what's up? They've been closed for three weeks with a sign on the door saying "electrical problem\". Was a real asset to Gloucester.

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  1. I think its gone...tried emailing but no response and every time I have visited in last 3 weeks I wasn't alone at the door . Other customers really upset as well daily menu hasnt been updated since May 5..RIP but I did pre pay for the summer on the VIP 10% discount plan and for that I am not happy and would have appreciated at least an email...

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Very sad if Ned's is indeed gone. We enjoyed many wines, beer, cheese and other goodies! Ned was also very knowledgable and helpful at the cheese counter.
        Here is some info on the new place in the Willow Rest spot, to open late June?
        What we would miss if Ned's is gone and would like to see carried at another local store: the Lark Fine Foods rosemary shortbread/scourtins/choco chile cookies (made locally), those fabulous frozen stuffed clams (also local), flying dog ale, bread and baked goods from AJ&King (Salem), marcona almonds, pre-made sandwiches like the veggie muffaletta and good jams. Ned also had several other local bakers provide homemade pot pies and these triple decker bars that were fabulous.
        The Fruitful Basket in Beverly Farms carries some fo these things, but it would be nicer to have it close by in Gloucester. I've never been to the Common Crow, will have to check it out soon.

        1. re: eriberri

          I've seen the A&J King bread at Common Crow (looks like that post was removed). I also like the fresh cobble bread at Alexandra's down on the lower part of Main. I wish they did some whole grain stuff though.

          I will miss the wine, cheese, olives & crackers selections from Ned's. The wine selection was not the standard stuff they are selling at the other local liquor stores. And with the wine tastings you got a chance to try before you buy. I always found things that I wouldn't have known to pick up otherwise with the tastings.

          That Willow Rest place sounds promising, although that won't be as convenient for me. I have been getting fresh herbs and small amounts of produce at the Common Crow lately (Ned's never had produce), but they really do not have that much. The Fruitful Basket place in Beverly Farms is has wonderful produce. Would love to have that type of selection closer.

          1. re: SEH

            Anyone have any idea where to get those sausages? They were great and I really loved the cheeses...and the chicken pot pies ..and the Chi Chi's Aghh and Eriberri if its an emergency I have a dozen of those clams stashed in my freezer....

            1. re: capeanne

              Ned's is gone; another food museum goes under. I think they were not making money and Ned could not hang on without a partner's continued backing. She should have stuck with the truck.

              1. re: ipsofatso

                I drove by today, pretty sad to see it go. I agree, should have stuck to the truck, the lease must have killed them. My former source for white anchovies.

              2. re: capeanne

                The sausages are from Trupino's. I"m going into to town today. I'll ask around. I will also keep an ear out. If I hear anything I'll keep you posted. The best short term solution that is not convenient is Pace and Sons the one in Saugus. Not the same, but if anyone has any better suggestions, I am listening. Otherwise I will have to start making them myself.

                1. re: foodie4me

                  Okay here is the scoop. Yes Ned's is closed, but a local restaurant guy Ken Duckworth of Duckworth's Bistro is teaming up with a local caterer and they are supposedly going to renovate and open a similar type of store in the same location, so stay tuned. I have no details. Hopefully they will get Mike out of retirement once again to make his famous Trupiano sausages, but don't know for certain. I would say if your at Duckworth Bistro and have a chance to drop the idea in Ken's ear all the better. This is not confirmed, but what I heard on the street. Hopefully it is true.

                  1. re: foodie4me

                    That would be a wonderful outcome. Last year
                    Ned teamed up with a caterer that I thought was associated with Duckworths to help me out for a back to back feast for 25 people. The first night we grilled the famous sausages and cooked salmon. The next night they catered with halibut and beef tenderloins and Neds cheeseboard ran the length of my diningroom table It was magnificent . Would be great to have it back

            2. re: eriberri

              Lark Find Foods cookies/shortbread can be found at the Common Crow - they have all the varieties.