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Jun 5, 2009 05:00 PM

Farfalla v. Bottega Louie?

Where are the pasta, apps and salads better? Also, not a big fan of the cream sauces. Thanks.

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  1. Farfalla and Bottega Louie are such different animals. I am going to have to go with Farfalla for the pasta. They have some lovely dishes including the arrabiata, the vongole and the tartufati, none with cream sauce all delicious. I love Bottega Louie for all their small plates, all the veggie options and their pizza is not bad either. For atmosphere, I love the Bottega, Farfalla is not my favorite for atmosphere, but their pastas are great.

    1. love the atmosphere at both places, but agree with lotta...two really different restaurants.

      more intimate trattoria = FARFALLA
      grand restaurant, high ceilings, tons of pretty servers who don't know much about food = BOTTEGA LOUIE

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        I went before getting any replies. I opted for Bottega Louie, and found it to be a solid pre-Opera choice. Big festive bustley place, lots of people dressed up eatin gearly to go to theater, opera. Did not try the pizza (Bianca looked good, they ordered it next to us, they also ordered those lightly breaded portabella "fries" that looked terrific). Very much liked my trenne (could not eat all of the meat on it, loved the chewy texture of the pan fried pasta), liked the garlic spinach (small spinach leaves, not all mushy, very crisp still, although had been sauteed in garlic and olive oli, maybe just briefly?). Did not like the arrancina at all, eggplant caponata ok (would not order again though, too sweet), Italian salad was very old school with garbanzo, pieces of cheese, salami. Nice that you can get half pours of wine, either for the light drinkers or variety. Like how you can get a brownie/cannelais/muffin/cupcake/chocloate on fhe way out to go and eat in intermission (we passed on the menu dessert options that did not look all that great, in favor of that option). Very nice place.