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Jun 5, 2009 04:36 PM

Cape Breton Island: suggestions for Aug 2009?

dh & I will be driving from Halifax to Louisbourg, up to Cape North, and then down to Mabou, Port Hawksbury, Antigonish and then back to Halifax before heading home again.

Are there any not-to-be-missed places we must visit along the way?

Conversely, (and perhaps more importantly!!) any places we need to avoid at all costs???

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  1. well I can say for Antigonish, I'd disregard the Mother Webb's signs you see all over the highway and keep on truckin'. I was once persuaded to go there, thinking i'd be trying a local legend. Definitely not so.

    1. In Antigonish, go to Gabrieau's downtown. Great food.

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        Also in Antigonish The Alcove is a great spot. For lunch The Sunshine on Main is very good. In Cape Breton I would not miss the Red Shoe Pub, you will not regret it.