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Jun 5, 2009 04:29 PM

Where to dine in Ojai?

Planning a road trip that will take me to Ojai for two nights. Any suggestions for decent meals would be much appreciated.

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  1. Decent I can recommend. Better than decent. . . no. A side note, the high prices will not be reflected by what you get. Fresh fish (and something other than but including salmon. . . the only fish anyone seems to know exists in the town) try SeaFresh, very down market surroundings, but decent. Bode's has a nice atmosphere and decent. They try. Or, take out something hot from the health food market . . . decent. The rest, hype and high prices.

    1. Ranch House has a decent menu for Ojai. Super small town, but I recommend this restaurant. Try sitting outside, nice atmosphere. The swordfish is great, but steaks are plain, no bang. If your looking for a good dinner with wine, try Tierra Sur in Oxnard. Its about a 30 min drive from Ojai, but great food. Dinner not served on Friday or Saturday nights, but any other night is great. Try the wine tasting menu...really good!

      1. I recently had a superb meal at Suzanne's Cuisine in Ojai. The menu is very nice with a variety of selections and the prices are reasonable. The wine list also offers variety and reasonable prices. Make a reservation, the place books out.

        Have breakfast at The Emporiuim.

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          I think the lunch prices at Suzanne's are reasonable, dinner is expensive, imo. I have not eaten there yet, so I have yet to be able to talk about the food.

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            Based on the skill of the kitchen, quality of the ingredients, the service, and portion slze, I think the prices are reasonable, but perhaps a better description would be that it is an excellent value.

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