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Where can I get the BEST Eggs Benedict? Any Recipies One would like to share?

Ok I tried the River Cafe and I loved it

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  1. I always make my own. Resto hollandaise is never lemony enough and i like at least one extra English muffin (not bread, not brioche, not a scone, not a biscuit, but an ENGLISH MUFFIN) to soak up my hollandaise.

    1. This is the place to talk about restaurant finds in the Western Canada provinces. If you'd like to talk about making them yourself, please start a thread on our Home Cooking board (http://chowhound.chow.com/boards/31 ), as recipe discussion isn't on-topic for our regional boards. If you'd like locals to know about that thread, you can paste the URL into a post here as a "pointer."


        1. My favorite Eggs Benny in the area is in Canmore at Chez Francois. It is sooooooo good!

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          1. Funny, but lately I've had good eggs benny at Cheesecake cafe up in the NW. Generally not a fan of hollandaise sauce, but this one is good to me.

            1. Just went to Dairyland Cafe in Hillhurst last Friday and their egs benny was fantastic. Homemade hollandaise too.

              1. barb and ernie's on 99th. Bar none. Fun atmosphere too. Don't order the sausage side plate unless you can eat like, 6 pounds of sausage! :)

                1. I enjoy EggsBenny @ Avenue Diner, I'm not a fan of english muffins and they don't use them there.

                  1. For something a little different, the weekend brunch menu at 1610 Bier Haus in Glenmore landing has several bennies. The Italian Benedict with Capicolla and roasted red peppers had a nice little kick to it. Haven't tried any of the others yet.

                    1. i've had good Eggs Benedict at Chill Winston

                      1. Have to try Jaqueline Suzannes, in Calgary in Inglewood. I've had eggs benny everywhere, and these were the best I've ever had. Chez Francoise in Canmore is a close second. Milestones surprisingly is very good as well.

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                          For a well executed classic in an non-pretentious setting that is open very early in the morning (I take my screaming 2 year old with me routinely and arrive to Costco when it opens), try COLOURS in the Sheraton Airport. They cook with a high hotel standard and make their own holandaise sauce (I have an aversion to the canned variety and refuse to consume my favourite bennies when they are drenched in that paste). My husband and daughter are satisfied with the panckake bar. and fresh fruit. This is not a special occasion place. It is just a good weekend morning breakfast in the North East part of the city. It is also a bit of a secret because there is NEVER a line.

                          I look forward to trying Jacqueline Suzannes at the nearest opportunity.

                          Also, for a special occasion take a nice scenic drive out to either McKay place near Millerville or Wild Horse Bistro in black diamond. They both do a lovely brunch with beautiful bennies. We go to these places on occasions like Mothers day etc. and are never disappointed.