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Jun 5, 2009 04:10 PM

More Fuel for the Pizza Wars Fires.

The GQ list of 25 best pizzas in the USA with 3 in San Francisco, Delfina, Galina and A16. I'm not sure how good the list is but it has "cred" since it doesn't have any in Berkeley.

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  1. That's Gialina, not Galina. It's my favorite pizza place and I guess it's Michael Bauer's, too. Check out his blog:

    1. I have a feeling you're trying to slam Zachary's, but have you tried Pie in the Sky in Berkeley? I think it's the best thin crust pizza in the Bay Area.

      In my opinion, Delfina's good but definitely overrated.

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      1. re: katya

        I have a feeling you're trying to slam Zachary's
        Katya, in the word of Miss Piggy, "moi?"

        1. re: wolfe

          Mr. Wolfe, not a fan of arinell's? I think their plain pie rocks. adam

          Arinell Pizza
          509 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

          Arinell Pizza
          2109 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

      2. Gialina, really? I wouldn't pick their floppy crust over Berretta's crip and cracker-like crust but that's just me.

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        1. re: scarmoza

          I agree 100%, scarmoza - I do not get the Gialina craze - floppy indeed!

          1. re: pastryqueen

            Gialina's is very much like a New York pizza. The crust is crispy with a chew on the outside and very thin, but still with a pull at the point. They don't use too much sauce or topping or cheese so that the balance of bread, cheese, sauce and topping is just right. And you can flip the point over at the end of the slice as you would on a New York pizza. Not floppy at all. Delicious!!

        2. Flour and Water probably opened too late for GQ to sample it, but I think their pizza is better than Delfina. The styles are close but F&W is just a bit heartier, which I like since there is a comfort food element to pizza.

          I am amazed that people think so much of Arinell's. There is certainly a place in this world for cheap greasy pizza, but not on any list of best pizza places.

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          1. re: SFDude

            Arinell's comes with a lot of disclaimers:

            If you like "that" kinds of pizza, AND they are "on" the Arinell's cheese or pep slice is good.

            I do like "that kind of pizza".
            HOWEVER, I think the Arinell miss-rate is climbing from 50% miss to maybe 67% ...
            maybe even 75%. So that effectively makes the price of a slice >$5, if you do the
            "expectation value" math.

            1. re: SFDude

              I finally got a chance to try Flour + Water last night. Mr. scarmoza and I had the margherita pizza and decide we needed to standardize a test for our next pizza crawl. F+W was really good pizza and very similar to our memory of A16 - but it's also been a while. It deserves to be on the list among the best.
              p.s. -
              We also had a very delicious (raw) zucchini, prosciutto, Parmesan, and pistachio salad. We also like the salumi plate. For dessert, olive oil cake with strawberries and candied fennel was very nice but I wish I had ordered the chocolate pudding.

            2. The top contenders in the East Bay are Pizzaiolo and Nizza la Bella (wood ovens, like A16) and Dopo. Dopo was, when their best pizza-maker was working the oven, the best gas-fired pizza in the area (if not the world), but since he retired they might be roughly tied with Delfina.

              The virtues of Zachary's and whether PITS, Arinell, or Gioia makes the best NY-style thin slice in the East Bay are strictly local debates. Any national list that included any of them would be laughable.

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I think you have to consider Cheeseboard among the best pies in the East Bay. I love their crust and topping combos. If they were a real pizzaria with several options to choose from I think they would be the best.

                1. re: slipson

                  Cheeseboard is great if you don't mind the lack of choice, lack of meat, and eccentric cracker-like crust, and don't want to eat after 8pm.

                  It's a good lunch once in a while when I'm in the neighborhood, but not what I want when I'm craving pizza.