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Jun 5, 2009 03:59 PM

Is there ANYTHING decent at Dodger Stadium?

I went through the archives and didn't see anything from this season. And...I'm heading there in about two hours. So is there anything decent to eat? I used to go for 1 dodger dog a year, but the last time I ate one (probably three years ago) it was so gross I never tried another.

And the ubiquitous stadum-style "nachos"? I'm pretty sure they were invented by Satan.

So what else is there?

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  1. I forgot to add -- for various reasons I can't stop somewhere else on the way. Dinner tonight has to be at the stadium itself.

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      No No NO ! I have been twice in the last week. Last night's game was an example of misery in it's fullest save the yummy home made grilled salmon sammy I brought. (four pitchers in 6 innings-yikes!) Arrive late to make every effort to stop some where even if its Trader Joes or a drive through like McD's. If you absolutely cannot, I went to Panda Express at the stadium. I like inside reserved section 10 - overlooking area between home plate and first base - that's where there's a Panda, but, probably other places as well. The Brat seller offers up garlic fries which seem to me popular but it's $6.75 for a small batch!!! .... Hope the D's do better tonight. Have fun, dress warm. :)

    2. Very... very... very... expensive Canters...

      BTW, Dodgers Stadium lets you bring in food if put int he correct packaging... Dodgers to me = Godmother Sandwiches from Bay Cities... just something to keep in mind next time...


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      1. re: Dommy

        I was in the Field level yesterday and tried the pastrami from Canters after being told by the guy selling it how weak it was. It wasnt that bad, stadium food is usually bad and expensive, this was just expensive(actually small, like half the size of what you should get at Canters). He did recommend Comancho's next door.

        1. re: blackbookali

          The ONLY thing to get a Comacho's is their Nachos.... they can't even do a decent burrito right... terrible...


      2. If you have a little extra time and enter from the south east side through Chinatown, stop at Phillipe the Original first and pick up french dips: pork, beef, ham, lamb or turkey. There'll be lines in there for sure but, worth it and the lines move fast.
        101 N. Alameda across from Union Station and Olvera Street.

        1. Thanks for the insights. Sadly I had no extra time to stop somewhere beforehand, so I went to the stadium with nothing in my purse except some sugar-free mints. My kid ate a Dodger dog, regular fries and, later, a vanilla ice cream in a "hat," as he puts it. My meal? Just a large water, and I paid freaking $5.75 for it. Next time I will be better prepared.

          1. The garlic fries are more than decent.