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Jun 5, 2009 02:47 PM

Set Menus or Specials with Great Value for Money

I'm thinking of prix fixe menus or special seasonal deals.

I like Luke's daily set menu of three courses for about $20. I've had it twice and both times have been more than satisfied by the large portions, and everything has been delicious with the exception of a mediocre crawfish bisque. The $7 mason jar of rabbit and duck liver mousse pate is also a steal from the regular menu.

Also, Palace Cafe's Monday-Friday summer temperature lunch is an eye-opening bargain. Went today and had a very generous serving of a good, slightly spicy and full bodied tomato and basil soup to start, and two filets of paneed flounder over scallion, tomato, and spinach with lemon butter sauce. There is no choice of entree, so call ahead to check if it'll be something you like. For the starter you can choose turtle soup, soup du jour, or a Werlein salad. The price is the previous day's high temperature multiplied by 10, so today's was $8.80 for both courses. That's cheaper than a lot of poboys!

What other prix fixe bargains are out there?

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  1. MILA' s $20 three course lunch is delicious. Small portions though. Those chefs are artists.

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      Oh yeah, good one. I've had the steak option a few times and have been pleased with the serving size. Got a very small piece of fish one though - luck of the draw.

    2. Dakota has been doing a 3 course lunch ay $25.00. Good size portions too. The crab & brie soup is on it. 'Nuff said.

      1. Edit to my original post: The temperature lunch price was actually $8.30, not $8.80.

        1. Anyone know of any good pre-fixe deals for dinner??

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            Pelican club and Muriels have some pretty nice deals early evening

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              I think Murial's is doing a prix fixe crab special right now - I think 4 courses for $40-$45.

              The Pelican Club dinner prix fixe is an early bird thing - 5:30-6:30 I think. Great deal though.

              I tried Antoine's $18.40 lunch special at the Hermes Bar last week, and it was ok. The first course is a small, somewhat muddled casserole, your choice of eggplant or crawfish. I preferred the crawfish but my companion preferred the eggplant. Second course was softshell crab (small, but well fried and tasty), or veal (not the biggest veal fan but the taste I had was fine for veal). Overall, it was ok, but not really representative of Antoine's strengths, apart from the well-fried crab.

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              I had dinner at K-Paul's Friday night. My friend and I ordered the 3 course special @$32. Good price for K-Paul's. The food was wonderful...minus the desserts. The desserts were pretty terrible. But the first 2 courses were worth the price paid.

            3. Bacco I've never been but my friend highly recommends it.

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                Cafe Giovanni is also offering a set lunch on Fridays and some multicourse dinner specials. Lunch looked like a steal -3 courses for $15 or something in that ballpark