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Jun 5, 2009 02:03 PM

Hole in the wall breakfast in Santa Barbara?

Coming back thru SB from a wedding Sunday, and wanted a good, not too expensive hole-in-the-wall place for breakfast . . . . suggestions???

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  1. Its not a total hole in the wall, but its casual and yummy and there are 3 in santa barbara, but the one in carpinteria is better. . . Cajun Kitchen. I always have Shirley's Scramble, there are a million items on the menu but the scrambles are always great. See if there's something on the chalkboard special and ONLY have breakfast. Thumbs down on the rest. Esau's (which is in SB as well as Carp) looks more hole in the wall and has its fans. I find it to be a greasy spoon heavy on the grease. But some love it.