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Jun 5, 2009 01:56 PM


Has anyone had any experience with the Big Egg Grill? How does it compare to the Weber products in the same relative price range? How easy is it, how versatile and how does the food taste?

Thanks for your help-

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  1. I have some friends who are part of this religion so I will try and get one to reply. But the big advantage is it cooks in a much more controlled environment. You can slow cook at 200 or grill at 550. Poultry is amazing on the egg. As I found out attending an eggfest two weekends ago.

    1. Here's a long (146 replies) thread on the BGE:

      I don't have one but am intrigued.

      1. We bought one last spring and love it. We use it most for pizza but everything we've made on it has been fabulous. We're doing some ribs on Sunday for my mom's birthday and looking forward to them.

        I was skeptical when my DH said he wanted what seemed to me to be a fairly expensive toy but I"m sold and a member of the cult now.

        The thread linked above will tell you lots you want to know.

        1. There are no Weber products that are charcoal in the price range of the BGE AFAIK. The BGE is far more versatile than a gas grill (IMO). There is just no comparing the food off a ceramic cooker to a gas grill. The BGE is one of the very few cooking tools that I could not live with out. They are very easy to use and heat up faster than a gas grill. When you close the vents the fire goes out and you can re-use the charcoal so they are very efficient as well.
          I can cook pork butts 24 hours plus on a single burn at 220 or sear steaks at a grate temp close to 1,000. Perfect for pizza and Paella is incredible cooked on the egg.

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            are there no comprable weber products because weber charcoal grills are less expensive?

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              It's because the Webers don't have the same heat retention properties as BGE does.

          2. I bought one last July and have loved it. It can be as easy to use as a standard charcoal grill, but you can get it much hotter or much cooler than a metal charcoal grill.

            As far as I know, the Weber products in the same price range are giant gas grills, which just do not compare to a charcoal grill. If all you're doing is charbroiling, then the gas grill will work fine. Anything for which you care about moisture control or low temperature or extremely high temperature will be much better on the Egg.

            It is extremely versatile. I've done 16 hour briskets and 12 hour pork butts, as well as 4-minute 800 degree steaks. I did a turkey last Thanksgiving and the relatives and the wife *inhaled* it. We are remodeling the kitchen now and we are not going to get much of an oven, simply because most baking-type of things will be done on our BGE. I attended Texas Eggfest this year and everything from chicken wings, pizza, and pies all came out wonderfully on the egg.