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Jun 5, 2009 01:42 PM

Fried shrimp in Mountain home arkansas

My fellow chowhounds I've just got to share this rare find, a little restaurant in Mountain Home Arkansas,that does a fantastic shrimp plate, they say their jumbo I say they are collossal 6 of these monsters are $9.99 which is half a pound, fries and slaw are extra, fries are not frozen they make them on the premises themselves, the tartar sauce could be improved though but otherwise It is out of this world , yesterday was my 3rd trip to mountain home from Harrison 50 miles away from here,that should tell you all something, this is a couple from Chicago very very nice, plus they have many other Items on the menu,it is self service so don't exspect anything fancy. here is their web site
1610 HWY 62 E mountain home 870-425-1700.
do try it, and give feed back If you went ,share if you've found a better place for shrimp as I'm always on the lookout for a good place to eat.

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  1. P.S.when I saidit was self service I didn't quite clarify that your food would be brought to youe table,and that the shrimp are gulf shrimp.

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    1. re: mutti

      I'm heading to Mountain Home, Ar this week for work. I will definitely try this place.

      1. re: jken2000

        please give feed back on how or if you liked it? I haven't been now for quite awhile,I hope It's still as good as when we where their.

        1. re: mutti

          It was soooo good. I ate there 4 times that week and order the shrimp each and every time along with other things. I even order 2 pounds of the fried shrimp to-go and shared it with the office.

          1. re: jken2000

            Am so glad you enjoyed it,wish we could go,but alas the snow storm won't let us travel for awhile,but soon I hope, thanks for your reply.