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Jun 5, 2009 01:28 PM

Indian Rotis

Just moved from the east coast and are desperately missing our Indian Roti lady (a women or caterer who provides weekly amounts of home cooked indian food at excellent prices).

Anyone know high quality one near San Francisco or on the Peninsula? I am looking for someone who makes excellent rotis.

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  1. There are tons in south bay if you don't mind the drive over the weekend.Kokila's Kitchen for phulkas, lovely sweets on El Camino for rotis.

    1. Come south to Mountain View or Sunnyvale where there is plenty of roti around. One of my favorite is Chaat Paradise, but there are lots and lots of good choices.


      Chaat Paradise
      165 E El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040

      1. OP - you're asking for a weekly indian catering service right?

        (and, you're requesting good-at-rotis as a qualification)

        Restaurant rotis are not interesting?

        I'm frankly astonished by the concept, but it makes sense when I think about it. Is this common where you come from?

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          I don't have any specific recommendations for the OP, but for bbulkow: I do know families in the South Asian community I'm a part of who have live-in cooks/house keepers who they have flown over from "back home".

        2. I've never tried it, but here is a story from the New York Times about Annadaata, who deliver lunch and dinner: Annadaata website: They have a "weekly bulk offer."

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          1. re: Constant Velocity

            Has anyone tried it? Cuz it looks pretty exciting.

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              The link as posted does not work. This will. It's the period that throws it off.

            2. I can attest to Kokila's rotis however; she left such a bad taste in my mouth while negotiating a large party order several years ago that I vowed never to give her my business again. One of the rudest restauranteurs I have ever come across. If you want her rotis without having to deal with her, they are available at some South Bay grocery stores. Prices will be a rude awakening...approx. $7 for 18/20.

              I go to Chaat Paradise or sometimes buy pre-made, ready-to-cook rotis by RotiLand available at Indian grocers. They are not thin & soft like homemade but are tasty & less expensive. BTW, I found them recently at Costco in Redwood City (temporarily closed*) & Mountain View.

              *Can't wait for new store to re-open!!!