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Jun 5, 2009 11:59 AM

Anywhere to go in Fort Mill, South Carolina?

I will be in this area for a weekend and not sure of what restaurants are around. I know it is close to Charlotte, NC, but I will have limited transportation. So a quick cab ride to a good local restaurant would be great. Any suggestions?

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  1. There's not a lot in Ft. Mill, but if you like sushi/Japanese try Liu Liu's in the Baxter community in Fort Mill. Had a delicious sushi dinner with three friends, nice atmosphere, and bar and good service. Also offers other Asian inspired entrees. There's also the Bistro 160 a locally owned place on Hwy 160 across from the Baxter community. Wonderful breakfasts, in house made pastries and desserts, wide lunch menu of wholesome sandwiches.

    1. Hello highheat - depending on where you stay in Fort Mill you might just be surprised on how close FM really is to Charlotte, NC. Now while I mean no disrespect to nomadnc I have to disagree and feel for the size of FM there are quite a few choices (and as I mention above Charlotte will also offer you even more dining options).

      Here's a sampling of some of the dining options in Fort Mill (trying to give you a variety of things to choose from - and of course you will also find plenty of fast food chains as well)

      Red Bowl Asian Bistro:
      Passion 8 Bistro:
      McHales Irish Pub:
      Captain Steve's:
      Fish Market:
      Steve & Kellys Grille House
      Fort Mill BBQ Company:
      Longitude 81:
      Towne Tavern:
      El Maguey:

      A few breakfast choices:
      Cracker Barrel (across from Carowinds
      )The Station Bar & Grill (located in Tega Cay is now serving breakfast)
      Jump N' Java Cafe (Bistro 160 is the catering side of the business)


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        Wow, that's alot of choices! Thank you sweettater, I'll let you know how it turns out.