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Jun 5, 2009 11:56 AM

Upscale sports bar in Toronto - watch NHL playoffs + good food

I am looking for an upscale sports bar in Toronto (TTC accessible) to watch the NHL playoffs that serves good food.


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  1. Has anyone tried Cam's Place yet? It's on my to-do list. Just haven't been up that way lately. I need an afternoon F1 race to make the trip worthwhile.

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      we were there last night. glass of pinot for $7, kronenberg on tap pint for 6.50. sweet potato fries good, overly salted. got crowded after nine, but still seats in the house. over 30s other than a few young couples. menu looks enticing.

      1. re: LemonLauren

        Oh thanks LemonLauren. Do they have an area where you could dine and watch a game? I know, I know, verrrrry classy. Just having one place in this city where you have a (dare I wish for it?) good meal with the game would make me ecstatic. I'm intrigued with this place in particular because, yes, the "party" menus read well plus the pedigrees of the two owners (Jason Toner and Patrice Baron) ain't too shabby for a sports pub. Or at least what I'm hoping is a SPORTS pub.

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          Football Factory (Bathurst south of Queen) might do the trick. While they usually show soccer on the large screens, I expect that they might be switching to the hockey during the playoffs at least. And even if the big screens aren't showing it, several booths have personal flatscreens that you can change to whatever channel you want.

          As for the food, it's been a few months since I've eaten there, but everything I tried on my several previous visits has been great. They make pretty much everything in-house, even the ketchup(!).

          1. re: Googs

            they have tvs in a few places on the main floor. so i guess you could dine and watch a game?

      2. Boston Pizza at yonge and sheppard has a lot of tv's not a bad seat in the house
        The food is ... well the food is ...good

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          To describe Boston Pizza's food as good is being too generous.

        2. Try Pipers Gastropub inside the Royal York Hotel, at Union Station. They have quite a lot of t.v.s the game is always on and the food is actually quite delicious. One of the best fish and chips I've had in the city. It's on the Avenue Level (i.e. downstairs) of the hotel.