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Jun 5, 2009 11:55 AM

Asian food in Hunterdon Co, NJ????


I moved to W. Hunterdon County from Metuchen - I love it!

There is just one deficiency, good asian food.

Metuchen had a plethora of great chinese and indian grocers, good sushi 'Mr Pi' and was a stone throw away from MeeMah (balacan okra & shredded beef with green chili), Penang (Beef Rendang, Hokkien Char Mee), Nanking (Mongolian Beef), Moghul (everything) and Mee Mee (in N. Brunswick) for Squid Kung Pow, lobster with black beans and chinese eggplant with garlic and fried ground pork) to name but a few.

Out here in the country, almost nothing (wth?!?!)

Most of the food that I have tried here Thai - too watery and not hot, Chinese (don't use pork belly for double cooked pork, no real sichuan food at all and even the 'american classics' are full of vegetables like carrots and celery -urgh! Indian - where do I go? I have yet to find one.

The only place that I have found that is halfway decent is the Pandan Room in Hackettstown and that isn't in Hunterdon County.

What gives?

Hunterdon schools rock so where are the Asians? (before anyone saddles up on their high horse I am part Chinese)

More importantly, where do I buy some of their food out in Hunterdon County?

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  1. You are not going to find Asian food in Hunterdon County that compares to Metuchen. That said, however, there are a few places you can try. There is a Thai place in Clinton (Pru Thai) that is decent. Aikou in Flemington is OK. There is a Singaporian place in Hillsborough and a decent Japanese place on Route 31 in Flemington (Shiki) which is in the same parking lot as the auto parts store (just north of the new WaWa). Also, in Sergeantsville at the blinking light, there is a general store that is owned by some Chinese folks and I know they make homemade dumplings in there. I've never tried them, so this is more of a suggestion than a recommendation. Good luck!

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      Thanks for the reply I may try Shiki at some point. I have been to the Sergeantsville deli and they are very friendly. Marisca Brother's in Sergeantsville is *the* place to buy pancetta!!!

      I have tried Pru Thai and I have to admit to being quite underwhelmed by the experience. The green thai curry was not even mildly spiced and to add insult to injury, the sauce was extremely watery; completely lacking the unction that I usually associate with a coconut milk enriched curry sauce. Maybe they (oh the horror) use low-fat coconut milk - which completely misses the point.

      Perhaps I just went there on an off day but given their prices and the intensity of my disappointment it will be a good while (if ever) before I try it again.