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Jun 5, 2009 10:56 AM

Banh Mi in Metrowest

Was trying to think of something new to introduce the kids to thsi weekend and thought of banh mi. Does anyone know of anywhere in the southern part of Metrowest (Westwood/Norwood/Needham) that is any good?


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  1. Sorry, Boston or Worcester as far as I know. Metrowest is pretty devoid of Vite, except Saigon in Millis, and I don't think they have Banh Mi.

    1. I was looking for the same thing a couple of weeks ago and did a search on thisboard:came up with Bobalicious in the Nonantum section of Newton. Never got there but hopefully someone will be able to tell us iof the banh mi there is good.

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        The banh mi there is very good. And the owners are very helpful and nice. The bubble tea rocks, too.

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          Too late to be of any service to jdoc, but for anybody else searching the thread:

          Carried out from Bobalicious this afternoon for lunch, and respectfully, Scruffy, I have to disagree. These were some fairly mediocre banh mi. The bread was great -- fresh and crispy and warmed just before being sliced and filled. But the greatness pretty much ended there. Pickles weren't bad, but I would've liked more of them. There's only so much you can say about cilantro and sliced jalapeno. They were fresh. The jalapeno was sliced to order, actually, for which I give full marks. But I wish they'd spent some of that time on the meats. They were pretty bad. We got the beef and the pork, which were unceremoniously tossed in the microwave before hitting the sandwich. Both were extremely sweet, which would have been fine if they were backed up with some character, but they were really one-dimensional. The pork was especially odd -- sort of a pseudo-char siu with a supersweet pepto pink sauce. Not distasteful, but just... odd. And whether or not it was present, there was certainly no sense of lemongrass, fish sauce, etc. Just kind of generic Asian-ey sweetness.

          As a whole, I don't mean to suggest they were BAD. When it's wrapped in fresh bread and vegetables, even questionable meats are perfectly edible. And they're in the 'hood and they're cheap, so I could even see myself grabbing one again if I were really craving one and weren't inclned to drive very far. But there's absolutely no reason to bother other than convenience. I have a hard time holding it against them. They're not a restaurant. They're a boba shop that serves a couple of sandwiches. But I wouldn't send anybody there for the banh mi unless they were across the street.

        2. Is Randolph too far South? Pho So 1 Boston is very good, easy to get to, easy parking. Close to the Fuller Craft Museum and Ikea, if you want to extend your outing.

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              They do NOT list banh mi on their menu, but they do have very good spring rolls, and lots of fruit smoothies with boba.

              1. re: cassis

                Most Vietnamese restaurants don't serve banh mi; it's more like a street food, or bakery offering...The OP was looking for banh mi, I thought,...

                1. re: galleygirl

                  The OP also mentioned "something new to introduce the kids to".

                  1. re: cassis

                    Basil Leaf in Stoughton/Canton serves vietnamese banh mi for $2.95 each.