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Jun 5, 2009 10:39 AM

Cheese & Beer (and more) in Charlotte, NC

I'm moving back to the area in a few weeks for school and would like some info on the following:

A good cheese shop
A good place to buy beer (not a bar, a shop)-I know Common Market carries a decent selection of microbrews, but is there anywhere else, maybe with even more selection?
Good Italian and Jewish delis. I need decent wedges and pastrami since I'm coming from NYC.


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  1. You mentioned Common Market for beer selection. In addition to that, Brawley's on Park Rd. is excellent.

    1. Dean and Deluca has a nice cheese counter, albeit pricey.

      Total Wine has a good beer selection with plenty of microbrews and foreign beers.

      My favorite Italian deli is in Cornelius (so likely inconvenient) -- it's called Ferrucci's Market.

      Godfather would recommend Katz's Deli for a NY-style deli.

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      1. re: HungryGrayCat

        I strongly agree w/ the Dean & DeLuca rec for cheese. The best selection and they let you taste. Earthfare is decent too.

        I second Brawley's also for beer. I forget the dude's name, but he also will order stuff for you. I came back from a trip to nyc and asked about a beer (Hitachino Nest White Ale). He had a couple of 6-pks in stock and even gave me an artois glass which he recommended I drink it out of.

        Nonna's on Morehead is a deli in that it serves Italian subs and salads. But a butcher-typle deli... they are harder to come by. What's Your Beef butcher in Waxhaw (Providence Rd) and Ferrucci's up north are the only ones that I know of... oh, and Pasta & Provisions on Providence Rd in South Charlotte.

        1. re: HungryGrayCat

          Since GFL has not done so, I'll recommend Katz's! It's the real deal.

          1. re: southernitalian

            Thanks SI. Hungry Gray Cat recommended Katz Ny Deli.
            For Corned Beef and Pastrami IMHO they are the only game in town. It tastes like NY
            Truly - It's the real deal.

        2. as far as beer in charlotte goes, Brawley's is THE place to go. Bypass all other imitators and attempts at a beer selection.

          4620 Park Rd
          Charlotte, NC 28209
          (704) 521-1301

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          1. re: wb247

            I don't know about cheese in Charlotte, but I do know about beer. Brawley's Beverage is one of the three best beer stores in the state. Great selection of craft beer at fair prices. The owner, Mike, is a really nice guy. I've been in 3 or 4 times and he recognizes me.

          2. Earth Fare has a very fine cheese dept. To my knowledge we do not have a cheese shop.

            1. Earth Fare has a pretty good cheese selection, but it has thinned out a little bit over the years. Never done Brawleys, but Total Wine generally has all I need.

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              1. re: c.u.shoeless

                The problem with Total Wine is that they are not scrupulous about removing old beer from their shelves. In some beer styles that is not a big issue, but for most of them, it is a big problem. At Total Wine, therefore, it is best to stick to the brands that get a lot of traffic. For the specialty brews, Brawley's is the place to go, particularly if you need some guidance.

                1. re: brentk

                  Does PBR really go bad? :-)

                  Re: the Italian deli -- I just drove past another place that seems not to be open yet in Cornelius. It was where the old Mr. Butcher used to be and has a sign that says something like "Italian Deli"? Not that I'm complaining but what are the odds of 2 Italian delis in Cornelius??

                  1. re: HungryGrayCat

                    "Does PBR really go bad? :-)"

                    Doesn't that beg the question, "Can something go 'bad' that never was 'good'?"

                    Serious enough though - yea, it can get worse without proper temperature control but I don't think light is as big of an issue with PBR as much as it is with some of the more temperamental specialty brews.

                    1. re: wb247

                      Blasphemy from wb247.

                      PBR is an award winning beer. Where do you think they got that blue ribbon from?