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Cheese & Beer (and more) in Charlotte, NC

I'm moving back to the area in a few weeks for school and would like some info on the following:

A good cheese shop
A good place to buy beer (not a bar, a shop)-I know Common Market carries a decent selection of microbrews, but is there anywhere else, maybe with even more selection?
Good Italian and Jewish delis. I need decent wedges and pastrami since I'm coming from NYC.


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  1. You mentioned Common Market for beer selection. In addition to that, Brawley's on Park Rd. is excellent.

    1. Dean and Deluca has a nice cheese counter, albeit pricey.

      Total Wine has a good beer selection with plenty of microbrews and foreign beers.

      My favorite Italian deli is in Cornelius (so likely inconvenient) -- it's called Ferrucci's Market.

      Godfather would recommend Katz's Deli for a NY-style deli.

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        I strongly agree w/ the Dean & DeLuca rec for cheese. The best selection and they let you taste. Earthfare is decent too.

        I second Brawley's also for beer. I forget the dude's name, but he also will order stuff for you. I came back from a trip to nyc and asked about a beer (Hitachino Nest White Ale). He had a couple of 6-pks in stock and even gave me an artois glass which he recommended I drink it out of.

        Nonna's on Morehead is a deli in that it serves Italian subs and salads. But a butcher-typle deli... they are harder to come by. What's Your Beef butcher in Waxhaw (Providence Rd) and Ferrucci's up north are the only ones that I know of... oh, and Pasta & Provisions on Providence Rd in South Charlotte.

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          Since GFL has not done so, I'll recommend Katz's! It's the real deal.

          1. re: southernitalian

            Thanks SI. Hungry Gray Cat recommended Katz Ny Deli.
            For Corned Beef and Pastrami IMHO they are the only game in town. It tastes like NY
            Truly - It's the real deal.

        2. as far as beer in charlotte goes, Brawley's is THE place to go. Bypass all other imitators and attempts at a beer selection.

          4620 Park Rd
          Charlotte, NC 28209
          (704) 521-1301

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            I don't know about cheese in Charlotte, but I do know about beer. Brawley's Beverage is one of the three best beer stores in the state. Great selection of craft beer at fair prices. The owner, Mike, is a really nice guy. I've been in 3 or 4 times and he recognizes me.

          2. Earth Fare has a very fine cheese dept. To my knowledge we do not have a cheese shop.

            1. Earth Fare has a pretty good cheese selection, but it has thinned out a little bit over the years. Never done Brawleys, but Total Wine generally has all I need.

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                The problem with Total Wine is that they are not scrupulous about removing old beer from their shelves. In some beer styles that is not a big issue, but for most of them, it is a big problem. At Total Wine, therefore, it is best to stick to the brands that get a lot of traffic. For the specialty brews, Brawley's is the place to go, particularly if you need some guidance.

                1. re: brentk

                  Does PBR really go bad? :-)

                  Re: the Italian deli -- I just drove past another place that seems not to be open yet in Cornelius. It was where the old Mr. Butcher used to be and has a sign that says something like "Italian Deli"? Not that I'm complaining but what are the odds of 2 Italian delis in Cornelius??

                  1. re: HungryGrayCat

                    "Does PBR really go bad? :-)"

                    Doesn't that beg the question, "Can something go 'bad' that never was 'good'?"

                    Serious enough though - yea, it can get worse without proper temperature control but I don't think light is as big of an issue with PBR as much as it is with some of the more temperamental specialty brews.

                    1. re: wb247

                      Blasphemy from wb247.

                      PBR is an award winning beer. Where do you think they got that blue ribbon from?

              2. Ran into a place that would probably interest you, since you're down here from NY. Pasta and Provisions on Providence Road. Makes fresh pasta that you can take home. Lots of Italian grocery. Some nice Italian wines (barbera, barbaresco). A good selection of cheeses, BUT, most we pre-packaged.

                The other two places I would suggest are Earth Fare and Fresh Market.

                For beer, Brawley's. Mike Brawley is just a great dude. Great supply.

                Pasta & Provisions
                1528 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC

                Earth Fare
                12235 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC

                Fresh Market
                4223 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC