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Jun 5, 2009 10:32 AM

Barcelona Paella

Where is the best place to go for paella in Barcelona? I have read about Can Majo and Cherif on the board. Which of those two are better, or is there better out there? Is it even worth eating paella there or should I save it for a trip to Valencia and stick to other things in Barca? Thank you for your help.

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  1. I've tried to figure this out as well, and from what I gathered on the boards paella in Barcelona isn't that good. However, since I doubt my parents would ever return to Spain, we are going for paella at Can Majo. They have seating outside on a terrace, and are also near the beach I believe. I figured this would be a nice, beautiful way to kick off our Europe trip.

    1. Save paella for Valencia. Barcelona has so many great food. If you want rice, eat the arroz at Can Mano or Can Majo. Many good traditional as well as modern Catalan restaurant will feature a rice dish.

      1. The Arroz Negre (Rice With Squid Ink) at Ca Majo is excellent

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          On a related note.. can someone please give an estimate of how much I can expect to spend on Paella in Spain, or at the above mentioned establishments? Also... for two people, do I order one dish of it, or two?? Thanks!

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            Since paella comes in many variations and depends where one eats it, it is difficult to give a cost. The paella that is familiar to most visitors to Spain is the seafood/chicken version. In Madrid and Barcelona, expect to pay at least 20E for for a decent one. The one I had couple years ago at Can Majo was 22E (never been to 7 Portes). That is for one person but of course it can be shared. Some places will only do it for minimum of two. Simpler version such as with just vegetables, snail, chicken, quail or rabbit will be a few euros cheaper. Anything with lobster or langoustine will cause the price to swell. One can find cheaper paellas in Madrid and Barcelona, but I am not sure they are worth eating. If you are visiting Seville, skip the paella as it is strictly for visitors. Rice is very popular in Catalona but it is "arroz" which is usually cooked in a cassola rather than in a paella pan.