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Jun 5, 2009 10:26 AM

Barcelona priorities-Top 5

NYers going to Barcelona for 4 days/nights and looking for a delicious experience. Some upscale, some everyday....(no italian, french - we can get that in NY). Can you help us prioritize the following, perhaps your top 5:

Cinc sentits
Commerc 24
El chiringuito - at beach, good paella
Los Caracoles - chicken, snails, paella mixta
L’olive – good bacala
Senyor parellada
Restaurant Lasarte
La Luna
La Barceloneta, floating restaurant in the port
Vinateria del call
El rebost de la plana
La Tomaquero
Montequeria can ravelli

El xampanyet
Cal pep
At market - pinotxcho
Taller de tapas
Casa Barcelona for groups, tapas, may have flamenco dancers

el bosc de les fades
Els quatre gats

Dessert spots?

As you can see we have more on our list than time available.....can you help us prioritize - top 5?

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  1. Of the places on your list, I have eaten at the following:
    Cinc Sentits, Comerc24, PLA, Los Caracoles, L’Olive, Senyor Parellada, Lasarte (have not been to this outpost in Barcelona, but have eaten twice at Martin Berasatequi's flagship restaurant in the town of Lasarte), El Xampanyet, Cal Pep, Taller de Tapas
    Of the above, I would definitely recommend Cinc Sentits, Comerc24 and L’Olives. PLA is also good and a little less expensive. Given that Martin Berasatequi is a Michelin 3 star, I have not been impressed with my two meals there, therefore, I don't have much faith in Barcelona Lasarte. Los Caracoles has history and atmosphere but definitely not known for the food. Senyor Parellada is inexpensive, comfortable with a large menu of decent traditional Catalan food. El Xampanyet is a crowded fun place for cava and decent tapas. Taller de Tapas might make a decent “introduction” to tapas but nothing very special. I am not a big fan of Cal Pep: long lines for the counter seating, overpriced though good seafood. Unless you show up right when the place opens, prepare for a wait and if your party is more than two and want to sit together, prepare for a long, long wait. The places in the Boqueria are only counters and good for late breakfast/lunch.
    These are some of my favorite places:
    If money is no object: Abac or Drolma (creative, ambitious and not too far out there)
    High end modern Catalan: Sauc, Hisop, Coure, Alkimia
    Traditional: Fonda Gaig, Dama (finally made it there this March after reading couple of posts on this board)
    Traditional moderate/inexpensive: Can Lluis, Anima, La Cova Fumada, Can Mano, La Paradeta, El Barkito, Foxos, Goliard
    Pintxos: Taktika Berri, Ba-Ba-reeba, Euskal Etxea, Man I Teca
    Tapas: La Vinya del Senyor (great wine and outside seating), PacaMeralgo, Tapac24, Vaso de Oro, El Tropezon, Cat 181, Quimet y Quimet are just some.
    Pastries: Escriba, Pasteleria Brunells; Ice Cream: Helado Fratello, Cremeria Toscana, Gelaaati; desserts: the all dessert menu at Espai Sucre, Bubo for take out designer with dessert bar.

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      thank you for the feedback, your post is very helpful ....on the one hand you helped me to narrow down my list. On the other hand, you have provided a whole new selectionof restaurants to also consider.

      1. re: 1cw

        I'd consider Paco Meralgo and Tapac 24 for Tapas. You can check out my post about them on my blog:

    2. I'm surprised not to see Inopia on your list. My husband and I were in Barcelona last month for 4 days. We tried Tapac24, Quimet y Quimet, Bar Mut, and Inopia. Inopia was amazing and we had to go back for our final meal in Barca. Everything, I mean everything, we tried was wonderful. I guess standouts would be the pulpo a la gallego, fried gambas, and the "bomba" (an amazing fried ground meat and potato thing). The staff behind the bar (especially Neus and Mariona) were terrific too. And don't miss that tasty frozen peachy drink before you go. Despite the "too cool for school" look of the place, very friendly and helpful.
      Tapac24 also rated two visits. The asparagus were lovely, as was the gazpacho. And the chocolate with olive oil and salt, oh my.
      Bar Mut, lovely atmosphere and friendly servers, very high prices.
      Quimet y Quimet, lovely experience, very traditional, stand at the bar and drink and eat on the run.