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Jun 5, 2009 10:12 AM

where can i buy crayfish?

Anyone know if there's somewhere in the district that I can buy crayfish? For cooking, that is. I had the shrimp and crayfish etoufee last night at Eatonville and while it was good, it inspired me to do it better!

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  1. One of the vendors down at the Maine Avenue Fish Market was selling live ones when I was down there this weekend.

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    1. re: GinChevyChase

      They usually have prepared crawfish in 5-lb cryovac bags at Maine Avenue, but yeah, they sometimes have them fresh.

    2. At my H Mart in Wheaton/SS they have something call mini lobsters or small lobsters or something like that but I am pretty sure they are crawfish. They are live.

      1. I've seen frozen crawfish tails at Harris-Teeter.
        Saw them this week at the Acme Store in Easton, MD. From Turkey. That was a new one.