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Jun 5, 2009 10:03 AM

Ethnic food in Columbia, MD?

I am going to be in Columbia tonight and am looking for a good place to have dinner. I have heard that there is great ethnic food in Columbia, especially Korean. What are some of the BEST restaurants?

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  1. IMHO, Best Korean BBQ is Shin Chon (Rt. 40 and Rt. 29, Lotte Plaza shopping center).
    Good Korean seafood, I've heard, is at Asia Gardens (further west on Rt. 40 near Bethany Lane).

    1. If I have to eat in Columbia, then:
      Asean Bistro - great Sunday brunch buffet, especially if you're not vegetarian. If you are vegetarian, order off the menu, and ask for the fruit/dessert portion of the buffet for a discounted price.
      Mango Grove - vegetarian Indian restaurant. They have a menu for dinner but buffets for lunch.

      Sorry, I've never had Korean, but if you end up in Columbia again, there are some options :)

      1. Where did you go? Shin Chon is terrific Korean, as is the Bethany Seafood Restaurant on Rte 40.

        If you come back through, a few quick ideas are Bangkok Delight for Thai, House of India or Mango Grove for northern and southern Indian, respectively, or Maiwand Kabob for Afghan (with very casual counter service). An Loi is good Vietnamese, but it isn't Northern Virginia if you're driving up from DC.

        1. I know I'm late, but I have to second HowChowBlog and say that Bangkok Delight and House of India are fabulous restaurants with excellent food and great service. Yummy!

          1. We went to Shin Chon... amazing! I highly recommend this place. We had bbq and we ordered a bibimbap. I've never had bad Korean food, but this place definitely stood out about the rest. Thanks for the suggestion!