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Jun 5, 2009 09:57 AM

Drinks near Tucson Airport

My kids (Barcelona and LA) and I (Mpls) will be flying into Tucson tomorrow for a short visit with(grand)parents in Green Valley. Arriving about 9PM. We feel the bar scene there may be a bit torrid(Barcelona's recent EU cup victory and all...) and we might like a quick stop at a local watering hole. We've liked JBar other visits but seems like a half hour drive in the wrong direction. Any hound's suggestions appreciated--margaritas, martinis, dives to more urbane-- anything with a good local flavor that might be closer to the airport. Thanks.

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  1. There's a joint when you come out of the airport take a left on Valencia, not down too far on the right, nothing fancy, mainly a hang-out for Air Natl. Guard guy's from across the street. If you don't want that there are hotel bars on your road out of the airport.

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      Desert Diamond Casino is very close to the airport. I know they have at least one bar....

    2. The Nimbus Brewery is a good place. It's a little hard to find and on the West side of Davis-Monthan.

      All the stuff down by the airport is a little low rent and a little rough for most travelers. The Desert Diamond casino on Old Nogales is probably your best bet for a good drink and/or a bite to eat. From the Airport, Take a left at the light and go west past the railroad tracks. Turn left and go South to the Casino on the west side of the airport.

      I'm told there is another casino on I-19 further South but, I haven't been there.