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Jun 5, 2009 09:16 AM

Dining in Stamford, Norwalk, Westport and Fairfield

Hi everyone!

First of all, has anyone been to the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Stamford?
Are these places generally great or is it just mass-market garbage?

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  1. Never been, but based on their TV adds I would venture a guess their food options and quality are on par with a Hooters.
    If you are looking for fine dining in those areas I've got a few for you (mostly Italian though):
    Pasta Nostra (So Norwalk) - Italian
    Liana's Tratoria (Fairfield) - Italian
    Ossiana (Fairfield) - Mediteranean
    Napa & Company (Stamford) - I guess you would call this American but it's really good and upscale
    Columbus Park Tratoria (Stamford) - Italian
    Mona Lisa (Stamford) - Italian
    Wilson's BBQ (Fairfield) - great pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, etc
    Super Duper Wienie (Fairfield ) - hotdogs and the best cheese steak around
    Archie Moores (Fairfield + few other locations) - Bar food, great wings.
    Fat Cat Pie Co (Norwalk) - fancy pizza, cheese bar, great wine
    Paci (Southport) - Italian

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      Tell me a little about Liana's and Paci if you might.

      1. re: shark_attack

        Liana's is a tiny little place in Fairfield (less than 20 tables) and is off the main streets, so it is only attended by the locals who know about it, not people just driving down Rte 1 or the Black Rock Tpke.
        The menu is small, too but in my opinion that is better to allow the chef to focus on proper quality and preparation.
        They make a house made ricotta gnocchi that is out of this world - - light as a cloud. They make them each day so if you go too late they might be sold out for the day. I think you can have it 4 ways there (plain red sauce, meat sauce, gorgonzola sauce, sage & butter sauce). Because they are so light I wouldn't recomend the meat sauce, but the others are all good.
        My other favorite is their linguine and calamari. I've never had calamari so tender before - - - it is perfectly done.
        They make a great veal milanese, too.
        Awesome all-Italian wine list with very good values on it.
        PS: Liana is the owner, not the chef. She is always there walking the floor and making sure everything is going smoothly, which is a nice touch.

        As for Paci, they are one of my favorite "special occasion" places; prices are steep, so we can't eat there every day. They make great homemade pasta while also having great meat dishes and their daily specials are usually the best part. It is in Southport (which is a little extention of Fairfield) and is also off the beaten path... it is in an old (but complety renovated) train station which is cool, too. They do have a website so you can check out their stuff:
        The winelist is big and amazing, too.

        1. re: foleyd7

          That's great info...Thank you very much.....Will be trying Liana's several times:)

          Paci is really close to my house, so I will go there also.

          Stay in touch with any great food ideas ok? I'm looking.


          1. re: shark_attack

            In my opinion, the food at Paci is much better than Liana's. Liana actually used to be a waitress at Paci, and she made some of their desserts. She then opened her own place. We only went to Liana's once, but were underwhelmed with the food.
            If you are looking for other places, Osianna in Fairfield has very nice mediterranean food. We always order the small plates. Very fresh ingredients, interesting preparations.

            1. re: sibeats

              I agree that Paci is better than Liana's and that Osianna is also a very nice stop, but I still think her place is very good, especially for the dishes I mentioned. And her all Italian, well detailed, wine list is my 2nd favorite, only behind Pasta Nostra's (which by the way, Bruno from Pasta Nostra helps Liana construct her wine list.) Just curious, what did you happen to have and what were your reservations? I would suggest a return visit for a 2nd chance.

              1. re: foleyd7

                It was a long time ago, I don't recall what we ate, just that we were underwhelmed by the food and never chose to return. I guess it just wasn't the type of food we go out for, but I've heard positive things about it from many others. Enjoy!

      2. re: foleyd7

        Went to Oassiana this weekend and I was really overwhelmed, not by the food which was quite good, but then again I was expecting that, but by the fantastic room, the buzz, the crowd, all very nice and positive, not reminiscent of Fairfield County at all. A really nice place to be.

      3. Jfood wouldguess the demographics are <25, guys, beer, ball games, hollerin'. Probably competing with the Brewery across the street.

        And jfood would not characterize eating Wings as dining, more like face stuffing. Great when he was younger but sorta lost the thrill in 1990.

        Jfood hopes it makes it. It would be great for the 20-somethings and little jfood lives in the 'hood.

        1. I've been, wings are tasty, a little on the small side, service was pretty bad though they had just opened so I'll give them a pass. Lots of HD flats to catch up on games while you wait. Stick with wings, beer, and fries and you'll be OK.

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          1. re: CTburgerlover

            Thank you all my friends for your thoughful responses.

            CT burgerlover...Where ARE the best burgers 'round these parts?

            Have any of you been to Mama Mina, fairfield?
            Room not much to look at but VERY good AND inexpensive very traditional 50's style Italian. Nothing fancy, just very tasty and very consistent.

            1. re: shark_attack

              I went to Mama Mina a few years ago and it was exactly as you described. No frills, honest to goodness Italian comfort food. Great escarole and beans :)

          2. I've been to the one in the Milford mall once. It was absolutely terrible, I woud never go back & wouldn't reccomend anyone going there to eat. Maybe for a beer to watch a game, but not to eat. The chicken was sawdust like dry you couldn't eat it. The service sucked. Brutal. 0 out of 5 stars

            1. Paci's is GREAT for special occasion. A bit noisy but really really good food. Get the veal milanese - before they run out of it during the dinner rush.