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Jun 5, 2009 09:06 AM

what to cook with one hand?

and it's not even my dominant hand!

got my right wing in a sling. can't chop. can't hold too much. managed some soup from dried porcinis with an alligator chopper yesterday but it's hard to hold a cup and wield a spoon at the same time...



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  1. An earlier post from a couple of years ago:

    Do you have a mini chopper (one of those push things that chop in a small glass container? That would help immensely with chopping.

    With precut veggies and chicken or shrimp, you could do a stir-fry.

    Pasta and jarred sauces, altho draining the pot of pasta could be tough - perhaps just use a spaghetti-tong-thingie to fish the spaghetti out of the water.

    Pan-sauteed fish.

    Mini burgers on small rolls (easy to pick up with one hand).

    And perhaps some ideas from a thread on another site <g>:

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    1. A lot of groceries have pre-cut/pre-shredded cabbage for cole slaw or stir fries, you can get pre-sliced mushrooms, bagged mixed lettuces, hit the salad bar for chopped broccoli, carrots, onions, etc. for stir fries.

      1. I had the same problem on January, carpal tunnel surgery on my left (non-dominant) hand. The hard part was to hold something steady to chop. My DH, my food processor and some pre-cut veggies were a help. Luckily time passes more quickly than you imagine and you'll be back at it soon. Good luck.

        1. omelettes with pre-shredded cheese blends.

          scrambled eggs with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

          1. See if you can get a mixing bowl with rubber on the bottom to stabalize it if you try to mix things, like eggs. Since you can't hold it with your other hand, the rubber should help keep the bowl from traveling around the counter as you beat.