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Jun 5, 2009 08:49 AM

BEST Greek Salad to go?

Hi there..
few years back my mom went to Greece on a cruise, and she still swears the salads over there were the best thing she's ever eaten, and has not had one as good since.

So for anyone on here that knows Greek salad .. (I have NO clue)
Where can I go to get the absolute best salad? Im' thinking like a Greek grocery or .. what not on the Danforth ( or anywhere.. I 'll go where I need to for supreme quality/yumminess) . I need this for a Sunday picnic.

I'd also welcome recipes, including the proper spices, and where to get them .

Mom figures it was the spices over there vs. the spices available over here that made the difference.

Thoughts? Opinions??

Many thanks!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1., looks like my first post was a disaster! I replied to you but Mods sent me an email saying it was best suited for Home Cooking I will re-post it there if you care to read.

      The best and most authentic Maroulosalata (greens with dill) I've had here in Toronto has been at Megas.

      I'm sorry I can't give you any Horiatiki (tomatoes, cucumber, feta) suggestions to go because I only eat this kind of salad at home, and have never ordered it in a restaurant here in Toronto....Greece, yes, but not in Toronto.

      But really, come over to the Home Cooking board because it's just so simple to make yourself and the freshest way possible to avoid sogginess, etc.

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      1. United Bakeries restaurant in Lawrence Plaza at Bathurst & Lawrence makes a pretty good take out Greek salad, considering it is a Jewish style dairy restaurant.

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          I am addicted to United Baker's greek salad. Many of my friends and colleagues suffer from the same ailment!!

        2. I like the horiatiki (village salad, no lettuce) at Messini when ON tomatoes are in season, which you can get to go. They use a good quality olive oil, don't skimp on the tomatoes, don't overdo the cucumbers, and sprinkle it with enough oregano. Sometimes I need to add a little more lemon or vinegar.

          I like the maroulosalata (the romaine, onion and dill salad with no feta) at Kalyvia and Avli. Haven't ordered it anywhere else lately.

          Any of the restaurants on the Danforth will pack their food to go, if you ask. Most Greeks make their own salads, so I don't think you'll find any Greek grocery stores selliing the salad, since salad that is dressed ahead of time turns into a soggy mess.

          Sun Valley might have a village salad (cukes, tomatoes, peppers, feta) ready to go, but I'd recommend getting it from a restaurant rather than a store, if you have the choice. You might want to ask to have your dressing in a separate container, and add it to the salad just before you eat.

          Danforth haters back off ;-)

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          1. re: phoenikia

            If you are in the west end, magic spot on royal york and bloor makes a very tasty greek salad that you can easily get for take-out. I always go there for the chicken greek salad.It comes with freshly grilled chicken breast and a very tasty garlic toast on the side. Delicious!

          2. Thank you everyone for your replies! I'm going to try to make something! Our trip/picnic has been postponed till this weekend. I'll let you all know how it goes! :)